How To Thicken Your Hair Naturally
It is an unfortunate truth that as we get older certain aspects of our beauty regimen will have to change. It becomes harder to keep up with the beauty that came to us so easily in our younger days. I used to be able to get up and run to class in the morning on full post
5 Ways To Moisturize Dry Natural Hair
FTC: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and weird opinions are my own.  Over the last two years my hair has faced some serious setbacks. Why? Because I was doing all the wrong things and I knew it. I'll be hitting the five year mark as a naturalista this up coming February and honestly full post
10 Books Every Millennial Should Read Before 30
FTC: This post is not sponsored. All weird and quirky thoughts are my own. Some links are affiliate links.  Uh...common theme coming through on my latest posts as of late. I'm turning 30 in 9 months... and it is terrifying to say the least. I don't care how much people tell me that your 30s are full post
Best Foundations For Women Of Color
FTC: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and weird opinions are my own. Some links are affiliate links! It seems like ever since Fenty Beauty came out other make up brands have been bending over backwards and spending those advertising coins to show how diverse their line is. It has indeed become a very full post
How To Save An Extra 1040 Dollars For Vacation
Okay... there are 60 days left in 2017 (can we all just say a collective WTF together...) and we know everyone is going to be back on their BS. The "New Year New Me" brigade is stretching right now in preparation to bombard our timelines with their nonsense. Oh okay! I'm just not having it full post
10 Things To Do With Your Money Before You Turn 30
Okay okay... as much as I hate to admit it ... I am getting older. And as I live in a constant state of fatigue with a current minor knee injury, the tell tale signs are hard to ignore. (Plus I get residual grandma reminders frequently). 2018 is going to be a big year for full post
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