How To Keep Your Summer Body The Whole Summer
FTC: This post is sponsored by the American Heart Association. All thoughts and opinions are my own. During the fall, winter and spring seasons I pretty much torture myself to have that perfect summer body by June 21st. Then... once the summer comes all of my hard work and dedication unravels because I just can't full post
3 Simple Steps To Refresh Your Protective Style
FTC: This post is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links All thoughts and opinions are my own. I'm a big protective styler... I'll admit that. It isn't because I'm too lazy to do my hair. It's because I just love the freedom of changing my hair all of the time with out damaging my full post
5 Times Childish Gambino Reminded Us To Be Our Best Selves
If you didn't know... I'm a Childish Gambino fanatic. And I'm not just talking "Awaken My Love", "Redbone", "Atlanta" Bino... no I'm talking "Bro Rape", "Sick Boy", "Community", "Camp" Bino. And yes I know that several things I referenced (both old and new) are a mix of his rap persona and his film/TV/ comedy full post
I Tried The Master Cleanse… and Here’s What Happened
So... if you've been following on social media (which at this point... come on guys... we love you... come bond with us socially on all the social medias) then you've seen my response/reaction to the master cleanse. To be fair I'm writing this on day 3 and if I make it beyond day three... I full post
10 Songs That Personify Being A Black Woman In America
Being a black woman just about anywhere is hard. But being a black woman in America seems to be the hardest. And if you disagree... well firstly you'd have to forgive my generalization as I've only truly experienced being a black woman in these United States. Secondly...  FUCK OFF.  Now with that formality out of full post
Best NYX Lipsticks For Brown Girls
FTC: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own (and all lippies were purchased with my own coin)   Makeup is expensive! And just when you think you have your staple products, Sephora or Ulta send you a nice quick sale email with all the new products that have been released. ( full post
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