7 Ways To Perfect Your Natural Hair Style Everytime
Natural hair can be tricky, especially if you are just starting out on your natural hair journey. Fortunately, we've got you covered with the deets on how you can perfect your natural hair style (no matter the style) every single time. Say what? You read that correctly. We're taking the guessing game out of styling full post
Black Girl Magic Feature: Muhga CEO Of NaturAll Club
Where did you grow up? Philadelphia What do you want to make sure your audience knows? About you? My name is Muhga Eltigani and I am the founder of NaturAll Club, the first company to deliver fresh fruit-based hair products. I also run a natural hair blog that has over 43,000 subscribers. I wear many full post
30 Things To Do Before You Turn 30
I'm turning 30 in 9 months... HOLY FUCK! So prepare yourselves for tons of "Before 30" posts in the next few months, because that is going to be one of my coping mechanisms as dooms day approaches. Honestly... I don't know how to feel about turning 30. Everyone tells me it is an exciting time, full post
10 Crazy Things I Don’t Waste Money On
Twenty seven days left! I know I know all my posts seem to be counting down to something as of late but... like I've mentioned before I'm so excited for 2018. I'm turning 30 (blah), Trials N' Tresses is turning 5, Millennial In Debt will be expanding content, and best of all we are going full post
The Lessons I’ve Learned From The Only 3 Men I’ve Ever Loved
The lessons I've learned from the only 3 men I've ever loved: thank you Love can not exist with out an exchange. When you love someone, you exchange different parts of who you are, without realization. And even when that love is lost, the pieces of your self remain with that person eternally. These pieces, full post
31 Day Money Saving Challenge
32 days left in 2017... are you making plans to do better in 2018 or nah? Like I mentioned a few weeks ago 2018 was going to be all about living our best lives while being financially responsible. But being financially responsible looks different for everyone. For some that might be spending absolutely nothing at full post
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