Top 5 Banks With The Highest Interest Rates For Your Money
FTC: This post is not sponsored. All weird thoughts and comments are my own.  Savings accounts and CDs just aren't what they used to be. I've had a Citibank account for as long as I can remember, and up until recently I've always been extremely happy with them as a financial institute. However, after doing full post
Millennial Gets Lost In Cuba: The Highs And Lows Of Visiting Cuba
If you don't know that I went to Cuba recently... you haven't been following along. I wrote two blog posts before I left ( ) and have been posting about it non stop since I've returned. So if you didn't know... tuh I'm disappointed in you! RELATED POSTS: What To Pack For A Trip To full post
5 Things To Do Before Booking A Trip To Cuba
I've just come back from one of the best vacations of my life. I went to Cuba for five days and four nights during my spring break. It was an amazing experience and I am putting together a blog/vlog with all of the deets. This however is not what this post is going to full post
Millennial In Debt Travel Guide: What To Pack For Cuba
SURPRISE... I'm going to Cuba!! And so is the rest of America so it's nothing new or special... but to me it is. I wanted to head to Cuba before you know who completely ruined the relationship we've been enjoying for the last few years. So I text my best friend, we aligned our forces, full post
The NRA Is On The Wrong Side Of History
I am no political mastermind and I do not pretend to know all of the inner workings when it comes to why we as a society do certain things politically. This post is by no means meant to make people feel bad, but it is certainly meant to make people think. RELATED POSTS: My Thoughts full post
How To Achieve The Ultimate Glow Up: 0-100 Real Quick
FTC: This post is sponsored by Olay. All weird thoughts and opinions are my own.  What is a glow up? Well... you know I had to head to Urban Dictionary for the best definition... because why not? According to urban dictionary, the glow up is going from the bottom to the top to the point full post
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