I am no foodie.. I say that to start this off because I am an extremely picky eater but I do like to try new restaurants that feature some of my fave foods. One of these faves just so happen to be a southern classic that has made its way up north and I couldn’t be happier. Before you had to travel down south, or maybe out to Cali to get a decent plate of chicken and waffles from a waffle place. Now… the rise in popularity of brunch spots and with New York always having to dabble in everything amazing I have gotten to have some amazing meals without having to get on a flight. Here are my five favorite…therefore they are the 5 best obviously!!!

5 Best Chicken & Waffle Places In New York

soco_menu_friedChick1. SoCo (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn)- SoCo is offers a southern fused cuisine in the urban streets of Brooklyn, NY.  But why did I rank them as my number one favorite/best chicken and waffle place… because their specialty is not just chicken and waffles but a Red Velvet waffle! Yes … you read correct their specialty is their “Buttermilk Fried Chicken” that is paired with a delicious red velvet waffle. I could eat at SOCO everyday if I could and while their menu has some delicious other options that I’ve tried… I always go back  to that waffle and it is never a disappointment.

chicken_n_waffles3-Sasha-082. Cafeteria (New York, NY) I’ve eaten at Cafeteria twice… both times way way way past my bedtime… why? Because Cafeteria is open 24/7! The American cuisine offered is potentially some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life. Their waffle is also delicious (not as delicious as the red velvet) but it is great comfort food, especially when you are starving at 1 o’ clock in the morning. The service is great, the food is great, and if you have an affinity for Mac n’ Cheese like I do… you’ll be happy to know that you’ve also stumbled onto the worlds best Mac N Cheese to couple with your chicken and waffles!

 unnamed-13. Buttermilk Channel (Carrols Garden, Brookyln): A great spot in BK for brunch but I went there for dinner this past weekend. I would have rated this place a notch higher if it weren’t for three things that bugged me a bit. The coleslaw took up a good amount of the plate and I hate cole slaw. The fact that I had to spend time pushing it to the side and making sure it didn’t come in contact with the chicken or waffle was a bit annoying. The second issue I had was the syrup that comes with the meal isn’t regular maple syrup. I’m not sure what mix they put together but it ruined a few bites for me (thankfully I didn’t pour it all over the entire waffle). The last issue, they give you half a waffle as compared to the other two mentioned that give you an entire waffle to munch on. However Buttermilk Channel has the best chicken hands down! (And their fries… are pretty flipping amazing also) I plan on making a trip to Buttermilk before the summer is over for some more chicken and the fries!

ls4. Sweet Chick (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) I had the highest and highest and highest hopes for Sweet Chick because of all the great reviews. It is a quaint restaurant in a huge hipster town. It was a bit noisy/loud for me so conversation was an issue but thats not important. What is important is the food! The waffle is a whole one and it was pretty delicious, but the chicken was dry for my liking. It is easy for fried chicken to become dry and tasteless and unfortunately that was what ruined my Sweet chick meal. I’m hoping that I just got a bad batch of chicken that day and I will be giving them another chance sometime in the near future.

piesnthighschickenandwaffles2.05. Pies N’ Thighs: (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) I was trying to go to Pies n’ Thighs for months and I wanted to love it as much as everyone else did but I didn’t .Don’t get me wrong… it has some good eats but you’re better off getting a delicious donut compared to their Chicken and Waffles. The waffle is pretty good but is much smaller than the waffles offered in the other four places. The waffle is also alot softer than what I like and is smothered in strawberry jam (not fresh strawberries) with a bit of hot sauce on it as well. The chicken was a bit greasy for my liking. My friend really loved it but there was just too much going on for me. I did taste their grill cheese and fries which were pretty good!

Are there any chicken and waffle spots in New York that you have tried and love? Share your restaurants below because I will definitely give it a try!

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