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225 Black Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season

This year it is not only my goal, but my mission to buy everyone’s holiday gift from a black owned business. Every year I try and fail. I’ve made excuses long enough, and to help myself (and you too) I’ve curated this GIANT mega AMAZING list of 225 black business to shop this holiday season. With such a huge feat (and trust me it was hard and long and tiring… but so worth it) there’s just not any reason for you to make any excuses! To make it even better… I’ve categorized it for you, to take the guessing and struggle out of the search. You’re welcome!

So I won’t waste your time any further… I know what you came for. Here’s our mega giant 225 black businesses to shop this holiday season list!


125 Black Female Entrepreneurs

225 Black Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season

Clothing (25) image_49bc8d15-88a2-4745-aa2f-ed11d4b6d167_1024x1024

mielleorganics_babassuconditioner-resized_grandeHair Products (29)



MakeUp (10)63-jpg

Gifts For Him (19)


Skin Care (31)



Gifts for Your Bestie (29)

Home Decor (11)unnamed-3

For The Kiddies (12)jtmcamogreen2_1024x1024

Moruka Designs


october-the-wrap-life-african-head-wraps-ties-gele23_1024x1024Hair Accessories






RachelStewart Jewelry

RachelStewart Jewelry



For Those That Stay Woke

I hope this list is helpful for you this holiday season! Drop any other black businesses below in the comments that we may have missed! You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook,  & Twitter for business highlights this holiday season from this awesome list and find out more on how to participate in future curations.





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