It seems as though Chris Brown & Drake may be about to face off again… and this time Rihanna is not involved. (Well… she could have some sort of a subconscious involvement) but we believe beef is soon to ensue. Well… if you missed the intense dramatic evening on social media we are here to catch you up on this fine evening. Chris Brown & Karrueche have been throwing shade at each other for the past few weeks and we have been got the most part IGNORING it for many reasons. First off these two break up to make up on a daily basis therefore taking time to cover their shenanigans could become too time consuming as a blogger. However… this argument/breakup sure takes the cake. Let’s start with the Chris Brown performance in California in which he announces he is “single” and proceeds to say “F*** that B***h” before breaking into a performance of “Loyal”. We thought that was pretty bold/aggressive and apparently so did Karrueche who immediately took to her Twitter to state the following message: Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.56.18 AM Seems fairly boring enough right? Wrong! Things got a bit … (and by a bit we mean waaay more than a bit) messier between the two as Chris Brown took to Twitter first and then to Instagram to air out way more dirty laundry than we were prepared to see. chris brown karrueche chris brown karrueche   It appears Karrueche was running around with Drake while Chris Brown was doing his 4 month stint in jail. We wonder if there will be some new issues with Drake & Chris after they squashed their beef back in the fall. They are even on Nicki Minaj’s latest track “Only” . Yikes! We know that this is going to get extremely messy… Check out the video below of Chris’ performance of Loyal at the (19 minute mark) when he states he is now a single man!

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