Hey hey hey ladies & gents guess who just signed up for her first Muderella Race to help fundraise for the “Futures Without Violence” cause.

For the past 30 years “Futures Without Violence” has developed new and innovative ways to help end violence against families, children, and women in the home. They cover many social injustices stemming from domestic/spousal abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse, and bullying. As an educator I hold this cause very close to my heart as it is heartbreaking to see/hear some of the horror stories that my students and their families have gone through, and some that do not survive.

“Futures Without Violence” is dedicated to creating healthy relationships between people of all ages, sex, religion and nationalities around the world. With all that is going on in our scary world “Futures Without Violence” is a beacon of hope and light in the darkness we have been facing. Human right should never be ignored which is why it was so simple/easy to get behind this cause and bring not only awareness but the capital to help move them forward to the next level.

Muderella is just the outlet I needed to be able to bring forth two things I love and that mean a great deal to me. Women’s health/fitness & human rights. Muderella empowers women just as Trials N’ Tresses always hopes to do on a daily basis. This is an activity that we stand behind and aligns perfectly with our mission and views. So its only right that we got our lovely audience involved in the cause. We’ve signed up to do this race on May 9th (I’m super scared/nervous and excited) which leaves you 85 days from today to donate to the cause that goes far beyond one facet of life. “Futures WithOut Violence” and the Muderella race is the perfect combination to bring to light the necessity to empower and educate people… not just women and children but everyone of how important it is to listen understand and take action when it comes to preserving and uplifting human rights.

To donate to the cause (any amount is welcomed and appreciated) please feel free to click the Muderella eventbrite page dedicated to our team’s (Bachannal Fitness <—- could there be any better name… I think not) mission and dedication to increasing awareness and ending abuse of human rights.

Here’s a sneak peak at just exactly what Shakira and I have gotten ourselves into (Take a look at what a full force Muderella race looks like) And if you are in the NY/ NJ area and up for the challenge there is still time to sign up/register on the Muderalla home page.


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