Influenster sent me a new Vox Box to review and the theme was: #BlossomVoxBox so it’s only right that I unbox it for you and let out know my thoughts that were sent out in the products for review.

OVERVIEW: What Is Influenster exactly? They are a site that lets YOU the influenster review and discuss different products that you have tried on your own or that they have sent out to you for review. Firstly this is the second major Vox Box I’ve received since partnering with Influenster that contained more than one individual product. I’ve received three previous Vox Boxes that contained an individual full size product for use and 2 times out of the three I’ve really fallen in love with the product. How do you go about getting a surprise Vox Box full of things? I break it down here in my previous post on how to get free stuff but a quick recap can’t hurt.

You sign up for Influenster and connect your social media platforms. You then take surveys, and review products you’ve purchased or are familiar with. The more active you are the more likely it is that you will get a chance to receive a Vox Box. They then match you up with products they think you would like or be interested in based off of your reviews and survey answers.  That’s what I like about Influenster I started out with them before I had a large platform and was still able to receive Vox Boxes based off of what I thought and not my numbers. If you are interested in joining Influenster you can sign up here.

Now onto what was inside of my actual #BlossomVoxBox

influenster blossom vox box review


  Beanitos Bean Chips

Influenster Blossom vox Box review

Bear Naked Granola


Clairol Hair Food Cleansing Shampoo

influenster blossom vox box review

Nasoya Zero Calorie Noodles


   Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Australian Gold Sunscreen

NYC New York Color City Eye Shadow


FINAL THOUGHTS: I was surprised that this box came with so much because I was used to getting one individual product in each box. Some of these products I was a little more excited to try than others. The Beanito Bean Chips are so freaking delicious.  Both flavors (The Original and Chipotle BBQ flavor) were unique and delicious while being good for you too. I was blown away because I’m not a fan of “healthy” chips but these are definitely something I would look into buying especially on my journey into dairy free, gluten free, and low glycemic foods (psh… I’ll explain why at a later date). As for the “makeup aspect” of the box including the airbrush legs and the NYC eye shadow I was very underwhelemed by their prescence in the box simply because I don’t use tanner or eyeshadow. The sunscreen was a nice touch since summer is right around the corner (and I can’t wait!)

The granola I haven’t used yet but I’m excited just by the flavor choice that was sent out. (I’m a sucker for a great tasting granola). The two products I gifted were the noodles, I’m just not a fan of noodles but heard great reviews from the friend I gave it to. AS well as the Hair food, I don’t use shampoo so there was just no need to hold on to it any longer.

Overall I think Influenster did a pretty decent job with the theme of this box and the amount of products/usefulness you could get out of them (way more than one use and most of these are more than one time use sample size products). If you are interested in getting products along this line (though they can literally send out just about anything … they are random like that and I love that aspect of working with them) definetly sign up and see how far your influence goes!!

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