I’ve been running for quite some time and I have a huge appreciation for it. Whenever I talk about just how much I love running I’m often met with moans and groans. I get it, running isn’t for everyone but it could possibly be.Running doesn’t have to be this great big difficult exercise. In fact it can be extremely relaxing and stress relieving if done correctly. There’s no one way to run, but there are several things you can do to get you on track.

If you are considering hitting the track I’ve listed 10 steps to get into running that will help you reach your running goals.

steps to get into running

10 Steps To Get Into Running

1. Spend time actually stretching: Even as a person who has been running for over four years, I used to skip this step quite often, and ended up paying for it many times. I would get shin splints often, and then started having pains in my hips and knees. Once I added in consistent dynamic stretching I started feeling less pain and my runs were much easier.

2. Start slowly: Don’t try to just dive into running. Set realistic goals for yourself and build up towards them. I suggest starting off with shorter distances and running at a comfortable pace.

3. Be consistent: The hardest part about getting into a running habit is building the habit. As with everything else you want to add int your life you will need to set some time aside consistently to build up what I call a “tolerance” for it. Because we’re starting off slow try to run every other day initially. You may think that three to four times may be too lofty of a goal for you but you can start off with three and see how you feel on the third day.

4. Grab a friend: I prefer to run alone because it helps me get into the zone, but I do recommend that if you are just starting off you should try and run with a partner. If anything you can both morally support each other through the run and get into summer shape together.

5. Get the right gear: I love getting super cute workout clothes and its definitely a bonus to look cute when I’m in the gym or hitting the street. But… cute workout clothes isn’t the only thing necessary for getting into running. You need the proper running sneakers to make sure you don’t have pains. Running with improper sneakers will EFF you up! TRUST ME! You want sneakers to support your arch, your knees and your hips.

6. Alternate between Walking & Running: When you are first starting out make sure you alternate between walking and running. Don’t try to just hit the streets running constantly you want to make sure that you’re running at a comfortable pace for 2-3 minutes and walking in between for about 1-2 minutes. When you start to get more comfortable you can run for longer periods of time and still adding in the walking when needed.

7. Breathe Regularly: The fastest way to get stomach cramps, and feel like you’re dying is to breath improperly during your run. You want to make sure you are breathing deeply and  through your mouth.

8. Practice Your Form: This is going to take a bit of practice but if you are mindful as you are running it will become second nature. I still sometimes need to remind myself to run with proper form or the shin splints will be back. You want to pretend as if something is holding your head up by the hair so your chin is parallel with the floor. Also… as we walk we usually swing our arms back and forth, that is something you want to avoid while running. Keep your arms at 90 degrees (not too stiff) but don’t swing them back and forth either.

9. Download some apps: I use Nike Run club to monitor my runs and tell me how amazing I am. The running apps will help keep you motivated and make you feel like you are doing amazing even if you don’t think you are. Also with the apps you can have friends there serve as motivation and competition.

10. Stay hydrated: I usually don’t like to carry things when I run, but it is extremely crucial to stay hydrated. You want to drink water before your run and after as well. Depending on how long your run is, you will want to bring water as well. Like I said I don’t like to run with things in my hand so my trails usually have water fountains at some point where I can re-hydrate.

Hopefully these 10 steps have helped you get motivated to hit the trail. You can get more running tips and tricks on our dedicated Pinterest board below!


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