Um… Wendy… smh! That’s all I can do. With the internet tearing her apart all weekend long we were patiently waiting to see/hear what Wendy would say on her show during the “Hot Topics” segment. And Wendy did not disappoint. In true Wendy fashion she states “at least you watched” Aaliyah’s Lifetime Biopic was the 2nd highest watched movie on cable this year. Not just on Lifetime… but on ALL cable channels. She is right. We tuned into to see the terrible disaster and ended up helping out her pockets.

With this statistic hitting the waves the film is deemed more as a financial “success” no matter what the fans have to say. The true sadness in this whole situation lies in the fact that Aaliyah’s family was left out, their wishes were not granted and the film still went on to break records. How unfortunate in deed. Watch Wendy’s response below during her “Hot Topics” segment. We knew she wasn’t going to apologize, but we didn’t think she’d gloss over it so “gracefully” like she did.

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