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As the first month of the school year winds down… I must admit it was certainly one tough month. It seems as though once the school year started, the amount of sleep I was getting dropped drastically. Septembers have always been hard on me… even before I was a teacher. It always encompassed a variation of back to school shopping with lots of kids everywhere and being utterly annoyed by the long lines. Besides that, the daylight starts to get shorter and the temperature starts to drop. All things that make September my least favorite month by far.

Even though September was difficult, I didn’t want to look tired and drained. I wanted to take a better approach to my skin care regimen, because I was seriously slacking. I’ve been on a forever young kick for as long as I can remember, so taking care of my skin properly is, and always should be at the forefront of my mind. That includes drinking tons of water (at least 3 liters a day) and using the right products.

Simple Effective Skin Care Regimen For The Every Day Millennial

Skin Care Regimen For The Every Day Millennial

When I was thinking about what to do for my skin care regimen I knew two things: 1) I didn’t want to add a whole lot of steps to my regimen because honestly… I just don’t have the time. And 2) I wanted simple… but also visibly effective.  I joined in on the #Olay28day challenge where I put the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 and Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel to the test. It’s hard to believe but… I’ve actually never used an eye gel before in my skin care regimen. Strange I know because, I have puffy dark circles under my eyes (probably from lack of sleep, and many many hours in front of a computer screen) that I am very self conscious about.

Skin Care Regimen For The Every Day Millennial

So the Olay 28- day challenge helped me achieve my healthier skin goal. I didn’t add a whole bunch of new steps to my routine. My skin care regimen was simple, because it only required two simple steps:

  • Step 1: AM apply the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15
  • Step 2: AM and PM apply Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel

That’s it. All I did was replace my moisturizer with the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15. This moisturizer has SPF 15 to help prevent sun damage to my skin (especially because our Fall in New York is feeling a lot like summertime). Besides the presence of SPF, the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 also has a multitude of other skin care capabilities all in one. This way I don’t need to pile on or layer other products on to my skin. Especially when I’m rushing out of the door to catch the train every day at 5:30 in the morning!!

Skin Care Regimen For The Every Day Millennial

Uh… but can we talk about that deep hydrating eye gel for a second though? The Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel  is BAE! Like I mentioned before I’ve never used an eye gel before and this was my perfect introduction to one. I noticed right away that my puffiness and fine lines minimized greatly. While it didn’t fade the dark circles as much as I’d liked… I did notice that after application of my concealer under my eyes… I saw no creases, fine lines, and got a better application overall.

Skin Care Regimen For The Every Day Millennial

This Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel was truly a God send during this difficult first month of school. I know I looked way less tired than I actually was. Only averaging 3-5 hours of sleep can be detrimental to the skin… especially under the eye, but the hydrating gel held it down without a doubt.

RESULTS: The picture below was my first day of school and first day using both the  Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel and Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15. My skin looked dull, uneven, and those lines were starting to build up.

Skin Care Regimen For The Every Day Millennial

Below was 14 days in to the challenge. Still with no make up on, and my skin is looking fabulously healthy and the fine lines under my eyes are almost non existent. Can we say: SHOOK! I was shocked at just how even toned my skin looked without the use of any foundation, tinted moisturizers or filters.

Skin Care Regimen For The Every Day Millennial

By the end of my 28- day challenge, the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 locked in the moisture my face needed, and enhanced the overall brightness of my skin. Operation #ForeverYoung is in full effect. My skin looks healthier after 28 days of consistent use. This is absolutely because of the vitamins C and E present that helped exfoliate while enhancing my skin’s natural self-renewal process. My pores were way smaller, and my fine lines were vanishing rapidly.

By dabbing just a tiny bit of Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel every morning and night (a little goes a long way) I was able to stop the visible signs of fatigue that I knew would be creeping in under my eyes once the school year started. The Hyaluronic acid in the formula provided a cool refreshing feeling that hydrated under my eyes so I would look wide awake. Best part is there was no weird sticky residue after application.

Overall: This simple daily habit helped turn my skin around just as I’d hoped it would. My results were visibly noticeable to not only me, but the parents that came in for parent teacher night last week. By 8:00pm after 13 hours at work, I was still getting tons of compliments at how vibrant and awake I looked.

If you haven’t started already I strongly suggest you give the #Olay28Day  challenge a try for yourself. You’ll be putting your best face forward without breaking the bank (these products are super affordable…. take that from me I’m on a teacher salary). Best of all you aren’t left guessing. Olay has an awesome Skin Advisor  that allows you to snap a selfie, build a profile and  effective skin care regimen catered to your personal skin care needs.

Your skin will be stunningly healthier, and for that it will absolutely thank you! You can even use my discount code (28DAYS8493) to get your hands on these products too! (For a limited amount – so hurry)!


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