This month is all about skin care for be as I prepare fully for the summer time outfits! In my quest to avoid chemicals in my lifestyle as much as possible, I’ve been very dedicated in finding skin care products that align with what I’m looking for. It was in doing so that I found this adorable brand “Shea Shea Bakery”  that specializes in deliciously appealing body butters, hair care and skin care. But I wanted to go further than just a cute brand with a cute product. I wanted to know how they differed from what was vastly available in the market, and why they decided to base their products with shea butter.

So what is shea butter exactly and why does every skin care product all of a sudden have it listed as an ingredient?

SHEA BUTTER: is an off white/ or ivory colored fat that was extracted from the African shea tree. It is derived from stearic and oleic acid, and is used in many skin care and hair care products to add a moisturizing property.

How Is Shea Shea Butter different? Well… like I said shea butter is appearing in just about every ingredient list on these new “holy grail” products that promise amazing results to your hair, and your skin. However looking at the other ingredients, you see that the large list of oils and and fillers that make the product last longer or more visually appealing weaken the prescence and effectiveness of the shea butter. Shea Shea Butter only add Vitamin E & Glycerin to their body butters to act as natural preservatives. They also add natural fragrance to help bring you the deliciousness of the desrt of your choice (more on that another time)

So I decided to dive into Shea Shea Butter and gauge how well they effected my skin since they offer raw unrefined shea butter that has a shelf life of a year.

Why Should I Care About Shea Butter: So if you’ve gotten this far and you’re wondering why does shea butter matter in my skin care regimen, besides being a great moisturizer, Shea butter heals the skin while protecting it from free radicals. If you are trying to calm irritated skin, relieve sun burn or use a natural SPF for the warm summer months, then shea butter is going to be your best friend! Check out our 15 fun facts about Shea Butter provided by the Shea Butter Queen (CEO Of Shea Shea Bakery) herself!

unnamedWhats you’r favorite use for shea butter in your daily regimen? Share your thoughts below.

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