You’ve been asking and it’s only right that we give you what you want! Fitness, health and overall wellness have become a staple in our lives now! Not just a fad but a real way of life. In keeping up with that mantra we’re bringing you our second workout session in our TNT Summer Ready Workout series. Our last one was such a success we hope to make this one just as amazing for all the participants. So here are the deets:

Summer Ready Workout Session

TNT Summer Ready Workout Session Info

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn (Grand Army Plaza Entrance)

When: Sunday July 26th, 2015

Time: 8:30- 9:30am EST

Who: This time around we will be led in exercise by the lovely Taj (@TajHarris) of Get Fit With Taj. She will be leading us on a strength training and yoga session for this hour. It is sure to make you feel all kinds of amazing as you do things you didn’t even know you could.

How Much: FREE 99!!!! (That’s my favorite part about this. There are no excuses just show up and get fit with us!)

Requirements: RSVP is required to attend this event and you will be checked in upon arrival. We also suggest bringing a yoga mat for floor exercises, activities as well as water to stay hydrated. You will receive a waiver a few days before the event that you must print, sign and bring with you when you check in. Other than that we promise nothing but a good time!! So what are you waiting for!!!

Sign up for the July 26th event here and see you then!

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