Okay Okay … so were on week #5 of our 6 month 6 inches growth challenge with ourselves and of course you our lovely subscribers and followers. And I must come clean about two things. We’ve mentioned a few things in the past 5 weeks to help with hair growth and length retention from pre-poo, inversion method, scalp massages..etc. Well my scalp massage regimen has fallen drastically by the waist side and I am solely to blame. I thought ten minutes a day would be simple but life happens and made it nearly impossible to remember. But I am certainly going to get back on the horse and try again for the remaining time in our challenge. I’ll set a reminder in my phone and let you know if I do better in the next couple of weeks. My second secret reveal… while I was doing a flexi rod set I noticed some split ends and really limp lifeless ends. So I snipped snipped snipped away. Not too much not even really noticeable just a light dusting would be the best way to describe it. But I felt I had to come clean for the benefit of this challenge. While we are trying to gain all of this lovely length… the health of your hair is most important and I stress that every single time I bring a new hair growth tip. Length with unhealthy hair is pointless and waste of time.

Moving on to this weeks tip: LOW MANIPULATION Please Please Please ladies… dont confuse low manipulation with NO manipulation. You can’t just set it and forget it! Low Manipulation means choosing hair styles that lower the amount of manipulation you must do to your head of hair (hands in hair syndrome is a huge detriment to hair growth and length retention). The more styling and manipulation you do the more susceptible your hair will be to damage as it becomes weaker and weaker. Low manipulation styles help lock in moisture if done correctly, can can prevent breakage, damage, matting, and knotting.

Some of low manipulation styles you can try:
Wash And Gos (a style that I probably will NEVER wear or master… and I’ve decided I’m okay with that). My hair is just way too many different curl patterns and distinctly different hair lengths to achieve a decent looking Wash and Go. However they are great low manipulation styles as you dont have to do much to it to achieve the amazing look.

Roll, Tuck, Pin: I haven’t tried this styling method yet but many of my friends and Youtube gurus I’ve seen rock these styles lovely. Theres so many ways to do it, and you basically just follow the exact wording of the style. You roll the ends of your hair up in a particular style (pompadour..etc) tuck the ends in so they are hidden away (protective styling at its best) and pin the hair in place. With a bit of creativity you can create many different shapes and levels that will look fabulous.


Twist Outs/ Braid Outs: My go to style when I dont want to manipulate or put tension on my hair. I’ve been rocking these a lot more lately to prevent any further breakage on the nape of my hair and have seen great results in doing such.

Bantu Knots/ Bantu Knot Outs: This style is usually hit or miss. It takes a bit of practice but once you’ve got it you are the master of it and you have one more low manipulation style to add to your repertoire of tools to gain and retain length.

Flexi Rod Sets/ Roller Sets: I love how my hair looks when I do either of these… I just hate sleeping in them. Its literally a night mare and until I find an easier way I tend to do these once every few months. But the outcome is always amazing!!

Protective Styles like: braids, twists, sew ins: Yes these are low manipulation styles but I warn you to never forget about your hair under neath these styles. Again you dont want to protect the hair and forget about it because that would be counter productive.

Protective Hair styles focus on protecting the ends of your hair. Low Manipulation Hair styles focus on protecting the hair as a whole. Yes low manipulation styles can also double as protective styles but not all protective styles are created the same. Some are much harder to maintain the health of your scalp and natural hair which could be causing more damage and breakage then prevention and retention.

So get to styling ladies…!!!

Hey there! I’m Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I’m busy teaching the future of society.

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3 Responses to 6 Inches In 6 Months Hair Growth Challenge Week #5 Low Manipulation

  1. This was very informative. Thank you. I only wish I knew all of the information. Starting from week 1. I too am also working on hair growth. It seems as if I’m @ a standstill. 6 inches in 6 months would be remarkable.

  2. I’m just getting started it’s been two months I was balding in the top portion of head. Now I’ve seen some growth in the top. I have the co-wash nd deep conditioner, also a leave in. I’m doing good. Thanks for information. I’ve also learned patients, because my hair it’s going to grow as fast as the next.

    • Amazing ! Thank you for sharing your hair journey with us please keep us up to date and let us know if there is anything you need help with