A few weeks ago I brought you the 10 worst ingredients to have listed in your natural hair products/ beauty products. So it’s only right that now I tell you the top 10 best ingredients to have listed in your natural hair products & why!

10 Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products1. Shea Butter: I love love love finding products that have pure, organic shea butter in the top 4 ingredients listed.  Shea butter provides moisturizing benefits and sealing benefits!! (they are different if you don’t believe me find out why here!). This miracle ingredient is also fairly cheap to buy yourself and use solely without the presence of being accompanied by other products. You just have to work a bit to get it into useable formate (melting it down…etc).

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products2. Coconut Oil: This is one of the go to oils for naturalistas in all stages of their hair journey and for many many reasons. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer and a sealant (better as a moisturizer since it penetrates the shaft of the hair) and adds shine while strengthening your hair from the inside out!

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products3. Babassu Oil: For ladies that aren’t too fond of the previous oil… Babassu is a great alternative. It has all the benefits of coconut oil (they come from a similar family) and is much lighter so will not leave your hair with the weighed down greasy/oily feeling that coconut oil can some times do on certain hair textures.

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products4. Aloe Vera: I haven’t used this as much as I used to in previous years but trust me Aloe vera can be used to promote healthy hair growth and is very inexpensive. I buy Aloe Vera Juice and Gel from GNC (usually buy one get one half off) and I was using it in many formats in my hair regimen. From deep conditioning, leave in conditioning and styling Aloe Vera (gel and juice) are beneficial in many ways to your hair journey. They can help stop hair loss and treat scalp problems.

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products5. Jojoba Oil/ Extract:  This oil is most similar to the natural hair sebum our scalp produces so it is great to balance out your scalp. You can also use Jojoba oil as a very effective sealant in your LOC method.  This oil is also extremely light just like Babassu Oil and will not leave your hair with the oily greasy feeling once you have applied. I also love spotting products that have Jojoba in it because it means it is also can do amazing wonders on your skin.

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products6. Avocado Oil: I started using avocados in my weekly pre poo because of the added moisture but it can get extremely messy. Which is why I started turning to avocado oil. Same benefits less mess. If you spot avocado oil as a main ingredient in your products you know you are in store for a great amount of moisture ad well as vitamins A, D, E and potassium. Hair growth thrives when using avocado oil because of these nutrients.

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products7. Almond Oil: If you don’t know about my love for almond oil then you dont know me at all! Almond oil has so many benefits its crazy! And not just for hair either, for beauty as well! Which is why I always keep Almond Oil handy for many of my hair, beauty, cooking and skin care needs! If you want to prevent the signs of aging and hair loss almond oil is the preventer for all of that! (My go to Almond Oil of choice is the Mielle Organics brand because they not only consist of sweet almond oil, but also add peppermint oil for a great smelling tingly sensation on the scalp! 2 for 1 is always amazing for me! If you want to check our Mielle Organics you can head here and use code TRESSES at checkout for an added deal!)

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products8. Castor Oil: I specifically use Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) ( to find out the difference click here) because of its anti fungal properties as well as its ability to help stimulate follicle growth. Castor oil is the go to oil when your edges have decided to give up on you… JBCO has got your back. Many brands have started to take note and have added this bad boy into their arsenal to help promote growth, health, and thickness of the hair follicles (though I’m not a believer in that possibility…. some swear by it)

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products9. Olive Oil:  EVOO was my first oil of choice when I started my natural hair transition and it still holds me down when necessary. This oil can penetrate the shaft of the hair (not oils can do that… find out which ones can here!) adding shine, elasticity, and moisture into my hair. I mostly use EVOO now as a part of my pre-poo step on wash day! But I have noticed that many brands have added this into their arsenal… but most importantly many skin care lines have also followed suit. The presence of EVOO has saved the life of my face recently (more details to come at a later date). I always recommend having a bit of EVOO in the house… and its even better when its listed as one of the top five ingredients on a product you are using for your hair or skin.

Best Ingredients In Natural Hair Products10. Water: Uhh alot of people on their natural hair journey are in constant search for moisturizing products and skip out on the most basic and thee absolute best moisturizer out there. WATER! If your moisturizing products dont list water as the first ingredient… you are being duped! Always check to see if water is listed (first) and then proceed to check if the other above ingredients are mentioned.

What is your favorite ingredient in your natural hair products that is a must have to make it into your home?

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