A few weeks ago we shared the top 6 signs of healthy natural hair, so we thought we’d counter that to give you 5 quick easy signs to look out for when declaring your hair to be damaged.

5 Signs Of Damaged Natural Hair

1. Visible Breakage: If you can see that your hair is breaking in certain spots there may be a few causes, but that is definitely a sign to pay attention to. Breakage is the number one clear sign that your hair is damaged and needs a change. If you notice that hair is snapping off you may need to do a protein treatment to bring some life back into your hair and stop the breakage.

2. Little To No Retention: Just like the visible breakage, if you see that your hair grows to a certain point consistently and breaks off you are not retaining your hair length which will make it impossible to see gains or growth. To retain length you are going to have a careful balance of protein and moisture in your regimen while also focusing on low manipulation styling. If you struggle with how to balance your moisture and protein you may want to try the L.O.C method and incorporate a protein treatment once a month to start.

3. No Elasticity: Elasticity is a clear sign of healthy hair, and if your hair is lacking that elasticity you are in need of a protein treatment. If you stretch a curl out and it doesn’t bounce back to its original state there is a good possibility that you are facing some form of damage. Lack of elasticity means the hair follicle has been compromised (main sign of heat damage) and will not return to its original shape. Try adding in some deep conditioning treatments, and incorporating the L.O.C method into your regimen for a few weeks to see if your hair is able to bounce back. If not a cut may be your next step to tackling this type of damage.

4. Dry Hair: If you notice that no matter how many treatments, or methods, or sealants you use that your hair is still unresponsive and dry (especially the ends) you are dealign with some damage issues. Dry hair is a major sign to pay attention to, especially if you notice your regimen hasn’t changed but your hair texture feels different. Depending on your hair porosity you may need to change a few steps in your regimen to tackle this issue. Your last step should always be a hair cut, after you have tried other methods to reviving your hair.

5. Extremely Frizzy: A little frizz never hurt anyone, in fact I embrace the frizz in my hair. But again if you notice that you have done all you can do (pre-poos/ oil rinsing…etc) and your hair is one giant ball of frizz that is a sign you should be weary of especially if you haven’t noticed your hair frizzing up this much before. The cuticle isn’t laying right, and has been harmed by some form of damage.

Damaged hair can not always be restored (heat damage can’t be saved) but small tweaks in your hair regimen can make the transition into healthier hair much easier as you deal with getting rid of the damage or addressing the issue that caused the damage in the first place (over styling, too much tension…etc).

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2 Responses to 5 Signs Of Damaged Natural Hair

  1. You have some great tips that were very helpful, but I have to ask…if you’re transitioning and whenever you wash your hair and it sheds way too much, what do you do? I mean I don’t know what’s causing it to shed so much, I feel like I’m loosing more hair than growing.

  2. Melissa I really enjoyed your post and I must say damages hair is the worst thing to deal with when it comes to our hair 😕 no one wants that to Happen to them right?! The sooner we see the signs and treat it, the better it will be for us!

    xo, Queen!