Depending on what point you’re at in your natural hair journey you may have come to connect and love different Youtube vloggers. I for one was a major (and still am) Naptural85 fan. Then I started getting into all the heavy weight champs I like to call em: Mahogany Curls, Jouelzy, Taryn916…etc. Fast forward to year two and your journey starts to change you start to connect with other aspects of the social media world. This leads me to some fresh new faces that you may not be too familiar with but are oh so interesting in so many different levels.


Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 5.38.54 PM1. Christina Price aka TheManeObjective: As a blogger for her own blog, Black Girl Long Hair, and Naturally Curly she is a self proclaimed product junkie from LA with a Youtube channel to boot. My fave vid of hers among the swarm of product reviews has most certainly got to be her Bantu Knot tutorial. This was my first time running into her but it wouldn’t be the last. Her witty banter about natural hair is approachable and always makes for an enjoyable read! Check out her Bantu Knot tutorial below:

Klassykinks1_width9402. Ijeoma aka KlassyKinks– I had the pleasure of meeting this spectacular spirit at the TNT End of Summer Bash. She not only balances a Youtube channel, and a blog of her own she is also a contributor to Black Girl Long Hair as well as a full time student! Whew! Talk about time consuming! I ran into her Youtube channel a few months ago when the Joulezy responses were popping up and I was interested in hearing such poise when discussing such a sticky topic. Her Haute Kinky Hair review was also one of my top faves. Here is her response to the Joulezy video below.

10701954_733277796745077_9004488256306723279_n3. Melshary– I dont know too much more about her outside of her Youtube channel but I will say it is one of the most entertaining channels I have run into during my natural hair journey. The first and best video I’ve seen on her channel was her review of the Taryn Guy event a few years back .That review hooked me into all things Melshary starting from her move to LA, her engagement, and her window side chats. She doesn’t sugar coat very much which is why you can always be sure she will tell you exactly how she feels about the particular product she’s reviewing. Check out her video below reviewing her experience attending the Taryn event.

eh9S_cdD4. Curls and Mo– Another NYC naturalista that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Not only does she run her own blog she also conducts natural hair meet ups. Just recently she wrapped a major (what I think is pretty freaking major) Youtube mission in which she posted a new video every day for an entire month. Sheesh sometimes I can’t even remember to post a new video once a month! She did her thang! What I love about Mo’s brand is it is not only focused on natural hair but inspiration, beauty and much more. Her video below was a review on the Beautiful Textures Texture Management System.


Hey there! I'm Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I'm busy teaching the future of society.

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