I keep hearing opposing views when it comes to what type of water you should be using to wash your natural hair. With a little bit of research and common knowledge I’ve set up a side by side comparison to help you figure out what type of water you should be using during each part of your wash day routine.

Cold Water should be used as the final step of your wash day routine to rinse our your conditioners (especially your deep conditioner). Why? Cold water closes the cuticle of the hair acting as a sealant to keep all of the moisture in and the dirt/oil out. It also has the ability to lay the hair flat which reduces frizz and adds shine.


  • Adds Shine/luster
  • Reduces Frizziness
  • Seals the pores/cuticles of your hair


  • Difficult to rinse in cold areas with cold water
  • Lays the hair flat therefore can make thinner hair look flat and less bouncy.

Warm Water should be used in the beginning steps of your wash day regimen to remove dirt and oil from the hair and scalp. Warm water also helps to open up your pores and lift the cuticle therefore the product build up is easily washed away and removed. Because of this lift warm water does add to the frizz, which is why you want to stick to this type of water at the beginning of the process.


  • Opens up pores/ lifts cuticle of hair to remove dirt, oil and product build up


  • Increases or causes frizziness
  • Can cause dry hair

Overall using a little bit of both will give you great results in your natural hair wash day routine.

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