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Natural Hair: DIY Braided Headband Tutorial

Here’s a quick natural hair DIY braided headband tutorial that will take you less than five minutes long and all you need are the following supplies:

DIY Braided Headband Tutorial Supplies

1. Marley Hair (1-2 packs in whichever color you prefer)
2. Hair Pins
3. Hair Gel (not needed but can be used)
4. Large Elastic Headband (scunni brand is my favorite)

In this tutorial I walk you through the quick and easy steps to make your own DIY braided headband using Marley Hair. This cute quick style can be worn in so many different ways, and can become a perfect accessory for your protective styling needs. I paired it with a puff/ turned into a mega textured bun (tutorial also available), but you can have it accompany just about any look you’re going for. What’s best is this braided headband can be unique to you ( I used two different colors of Marley hair) and is budget friendly. The marley hair cost me under 8 bucks for both packs, and the braided headband can be reused many different times on many different occasions.

And here is my finished look below:
diy braided headbanddiy braided headbandDIY Braided headband


Watch the tutorial below to get started creating your own DIY braided headband!

Let me know if you’ve tried this DIY braided headband yourself and how did it turn out?
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