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Spring is in the air which means two of the most important events in a woman’s life are on the horizon! Prom season and wedding season! As a naturalista (especially a potentially new naturalista) it can be a daunting task figuring out exactly how to style your tresses without harming/damaging them. The pressure to conform to a “straight hair look” is out of the question, but the desire to absolutely look BOMB.com is a must! You have the perfect dress, venue, and your best friends/ bridesmaids have the “Formation” choreography ready for the party + Snapchat story! And as we know natural hair sometimes can be unruly or unpredictable. That’s the gift and the curse in having natural locs. They choose the time and place to behave, no matter what product or style we are accustomed to using. And we just can not have your trusted twist out flop during prom or your wedding ceremony.

There is a pretty simple solution that most women think can be inhibiting! Natural hair extensions like Xotica Hair, look and feel like natural hair but won’t frizz up, and tangle like your own hair during an unpredictable weather condition. (Rain is the enemy!). With these natural hair extensions you can install a sew- in weave, create a wig, or clip in pieces for the day that will blend perfectly and naturally with your real natural hair.

Natural Hairstyles For Prom And Wedding Season


Natural Hairstyles For Prom And Wedding Season

To get a perfectly flawless look,  you will want to prepare the hair a few days before your big day + play around with it a bit. This means creating different styles and looks to see what you like. To help with the play process, we’ve compiled some of the cutest and most popular natural hair styles for prom and wedding season that you will become obsessed with!

An Elegant Updo

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One very popular prom and wedding hairstyle for black women is an updo. And yes, you can even do an updo with natural extensions. Leave just a little bit of hair out around the edges or parts to cover up the tracks. You can create a classic bun or a textured chignon or even a fun tuck and roll style.

Jazzy Hair Accessories

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The easiest way to jazz up a hairstyle is with hair accessories. From a simple pin to a glamorous fascinator, these accessories can really up your game. You can notch up a simple install with jeweled headbands or flowers or you can insert sparkly pins or a lace fascinator into an updo.

Soft Side-Swept Style



Another popular wedding and prom hairstyle for black women is a side swept look. Teyonnah Paris really nailed this look recently and has us swooning to recreate. And don’t worry, you can do this style with natural hair extensions as well. But like with the updo, if you have any tracks that might show, keep a bit of your own hair out to cover it.

However, you don’t have to commit to a full sew-in to get these amazing looks. After all, you don’t want to spend your entire honeymoon in Jamaica avoiding the ocean. A wig or clip-ins can be just as versatile. Do a test run a few days before to make sure the wig fits right and you (or your hair stylist or bridesmaid) know how to put them in. And best of all, you can do any of the above styles or just clip in a few pieces for volume.

How are you using natural hair extensions in your wedding or prom hairstyle?


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