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2016 is almost done folks, which means one of two things. The winter is five seconds from jumping onto our front doors (as I type this now it is currently snowing in NYC). Second… our hair care regimen needs to be adjusted. (Easy Winter Hair Care Regimen) Winter can create a war zone against your natural hair. You have to change up your hair products (15 products without glycerin), protective styling is key, and you have to change the oils and butters you use in your LOC method. Why? Because … as much as we love coconut oil, it is not truly ideal to use during the colder months. Bu we’ve got you covered as per usual because we are here to help!  We’ve got the best oils and butters for winter natural hair care that will protect, moisturize and simultaneously strengthen your strands through the harsh winter.



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Best Oils And Butters For Winter Natural Hair Care

best oils and butters for winter natural hair care


1. Shea Butter:

Shea butter is a naturalistas best friend through the winter season. It is not only good for the hair but it is also good for the skin. So a 2 for 1 is always appreciated! Shea butter is a thick butter that strengthens hair and is a great moisturizer for dry and brittle hair. It can also be used as added protection to prevent sun damage. Definitely use shea butter as the “L” in your LOC method routine.

2. Babassu Oil :

Babassu oil has been my favorite little secret for a while and now that it is starting to get more attention (Mielle Organics Babassu Deep conditioner is amaze balls!) I am thrilled. Babassu oil is like the new coconut oil, as it is the closest relative to coconut oil. So those of us who have a protein sensitivity or a coconut oil sensitivity, babassu oil is a great option that strengthens, moisturizes and soothes irritated or damaged scalp.

3. Olive Oil:

Olive oil has always been my first and favorite oil to use in my natural hair care regimen. It is a great pre-poo  option because it is one of the few oils that actually penetrates the shaft of the strand in order to fight frizz, protect your hair from damage while softening the strand. Extra virgin olive oil is the best option when purchasing this oil.

4. Mango Butter

I mostly use Mango Butter on my skin, but it is very similar to Shea Butter in that it is a 2 for 1 option. Good for the skin and the hair, mango butter has amino acids that help to soften hair while preventing damage. This is your best bet if you suffer from extremely dry and brittle hair as it moisturizes without weighing the hair down too much.

5. Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)

Uh… if you are a naturalista and don’t know what JBCO can do you are truly missing out on a miracle oil. ALERT: JBCO does not make your hair thicker, however it does help give the illusion of thicker strands if you have very fine hair. JBCO does moisturize and strengthen hair, but the real secret is it helps to promote growth. So use JBCO for your scalp massages, you’ll thank me later!

6. Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil is an oil I’ve just started using this year for my hair and I love it. It usually trades spots with EVOO in my hair care regimen, because it also can penetrate the shaft of the hair to moisturize from within. Avocado oil also adds luster and shine to your hair. Weak damaged hair does well with Avocado oil due to the presence of vitamins and amino acids.

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What is your go to oil or butter for your natural hair care regimen? Share with us in the comments below!

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