The further and further I get into my natural hair the more I look beyond what I simply am able to find in my local beauty supply stores or large chains. I’ve been making a direct personal choice to research and use products owned by women for women. Supporting small business has always been a particular goal of mine, because I often feel that they have better intentions and are working towards my best interest. Now this may not always be the case but in comparison to the big businesses out to make a buck I’d rather pay an extra buck here and there to support companies that are out to support me. That is what led me to dig a bit deeper and go beyond just small business support but to support women owned, and operated companies that are serving the natural hair community because they too are natural. Why take advice from someone who doesn’t know my plight or struggle? Most of these women have either been natural all of their lives, transitioned, or did the big chop (some more than once). They understand what is needed to make a product that promotes healthy hair. While getting free stuff is always a fun perk/plus to blogging I make it a point to actually support the brands that I truly enjoy far beyond when the sample is finished, or the initial review is written. So I’ve compiled a list of companies/brands that I have actually used, support, enjoy and are all owned by strong powerful women! If you haven’t heard about them you may want to look further into them/ give them a try.

1. Carma Care- Carmen is the owner of CarmaCare which has recently just launched their new leave in conditioner to go along with their line including a sealant, curling soufle, and dream curls gel. My personal favorite from this line is the Hair Souffle that I double up as a moisturizer for my skin because of the amazing all natural products used. This product runs about 12.00 bucks for a 4oz container which will go the distance so it is worth the money in my opinion. I’m still working on my first jar and I’ve had it for a few months now.

2. WonderCurl WonderCurl is owned by Scarlett whom I’ve had the pleasure of actually meeting (at the TNT End Of Summer Bash) in person and to be honest that made all the difference in me giving her products a shot and loving it. Her genuine desire to create a product that works for varying textures shines through when she speaks about how she got the idea to start up Wonder curl. Wonder Curl products were created to bring out your natural pattern andy help fight off that frizz that humidity and hands just seem to cause more and more of. My fave product from her line is the Get Set Hair Jelly that I use to refresh my twist outs on days 3-4 in between wash days.

3.HydraTherma Naturals-  Saleemah is the founder and owner of HydraTherma Naturals, a brand/line that has a little something for everyone. Not only is she dedicated to her brand but she’s also an avid DIY Youtuber that is inspiring me to hop on the faux locs wagon. Hydratherma has got to be one of my all time favorite lines right now. There is a particular focus in balancing moisture and protein which I have a hard time doing and I am grateful that this line helps lower my guess and check during wash days. I’ve dabbled with quite a few different products in the line but my all time favorites are the Daily Moisturizing Growth lotion that I use for my twist outs, and the protein balancing leave in conditioner which for some reason has a fragrance I can’t put my finger on but I love!

4. Alikay NaturalsAlikay Naturals owner Rochelle aka BlackOnyx is doing phenomenal things this year with her releasing of Alikay Naturals in even more Targets across the country. Its amazing to see hard woe k pay off and have our small businesses created for us being represented on such a large scale. Rochelle did a hair seminar in NYC this summer in which she spent the bulk of time walking new naturals through a productive regimen building conversation. Alikay Naturals is a full line to help new naturals and old naturals just alike build a simple regimen based strongly in the LOC method. I personally love the Lemongrass leave in conditioner which is the first product I ever tried from this brand over two years ago, and still continue to have it as a staple part of my regimen.

5. Camille Rose Naturals– Janell Stephens takes the term Mompreneur and runs with it! As a full time time mother of five she is also the full time owner of Camille Rose Naturals that has most recently launched their new formula for the curl maker that is making a huge splash right now in the natural hair community. They also can be found in Target stores across the country. I haven’t tried the Curl Maker as of yet but I’m excited to get my hands on it. I do however have a big time affair with their Moisture Milk which will run you about 15 bucks on their website. 

6. Curl Luxe The founder and CEO Anikitia Abram created Curl Luxe for the naturalistas that are often over looked in the natural hair community when it comes to initial product creation: the amazing 4cchicks! Curl Luxe was created specifically with coarser, thicker textures in mind to help provide moisture and manageability. I recently got a chance to get my hands on their products and a full review will be coming shortly however I must say I am loving their Butter Cream Curl Souffle that have used on my last two twist outs and have been blown away! I will be finishing up that sample very quickly I can see. 

7.Mielle Organics Monique Rodriguez is taking the natural community by storm with her her Mielle Organics line that debut on the scene this year and is already making some big waves. As a sponsor of the Trials N’ Tresses End Of Summer Bash Monique provided our VIP guests with the all natural organic products that were being raved and reviewed about for weeks. My personal favorite is the Honey Dew Berry Conditioner but I’m thinking of giving the Babassu oil and Mint Deep Conditioning Treatment a chance because it boasts of protein and moisture balance (which we all know I want, need and struggle with getting right on my own).

Have you had any experience with these lines or other small women operated businesses in the natural hair community?

Hey there! I'm Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I'm busy teaching the future of society.

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