Before I even begin I’m going to make it very very very clear that I have never taken/experimented with The Mane Choice or Hairfinity therefore I can not speak on their effectiveness in growing natural hair at a faster rate. I did take Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies for about 2.5 months and I have just started taking Mielle Organics Healthy Hair Formula vitamins. Therefore this post is going to be strictly based off what each of these four products offers you ingredient wise and how much it costs. Then at the end you can make your own decision as to which hair vitamin gives you more bang for your buck if you are choosing to go the hair vitamin route.

If you’ve been following along with me for a while then you know of my dreaded horror story in taking Biotin supplements for the first time without doing the proper research. I realized I made several mistakes, my biggest was thinking that hair vitamins were miracle drugs. They aren’t! Hair vitamins are only as good as your diet. They are more so enhancers, then life savers and we should always remember that.

Since then I steered clear of anything containing Biotin until recently (October 2014) where I started dabbling back in slowly with Nature’s Bounty. After taking them for about two months I didn’t notice any difference, though I was beyond thankful that I did not have a similar reaction to the prescence of Biotin like I initially did two years prior.

Now fast forward a few months and I am giving hair vitamins another shot temporarily at least. I’m going to give Mielle Organics a shot as a it boasts of giving all the great hair growth supplemental benefits without the skin issues (I’ll keep you posted)

So lets dive into the ingredients of each supplement, how much it costs, and what that means for the health of your hair, skin, and pockets!

        Mielle Organics      ($ 19.00)

hair vitamins                                                                              

HairFinity ($ 25.00)



     Manetabolism ($ 25.00)                                                                     


Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails ($ 9.00)



  • Contain Large Amounts of Biotin (from 2500mcg – 5000 mcg)
  • Require 2 pills/gummies to be taken as one serving
  • Contain extra supplements and proprietary blends besides the Biotin.

The major ingredient that each of these hair vitamin supplements has in common is no doubt Biotin. Manetabolism has the most amount of Biotin coming in at a whopping 5000mcg per serving (2 pills), while Mielle Organics follows close behind at 4000mcg at the same serving size. Hairfinity and Natures’s Bounty contain the same amount of Biotin, 2500mcg a piece, both requiring two pills/gummies to meet the serving requirements. Manetabolism & Hairfinity have very similar ingredients at varying percentages of our daily suggested intake. Both contain MSM as well which is usually in accompaniment with Biotin hair vitamins.


  • Price Points vary
    • Nature’s Bounty= Cheapest (8-10.00 / goes on sale/ and can be found locally
    • Mielle Organics= Middle Price value ($18.00)
    • Hairfnity & Manetabolism= most expensive (25.00)
  • Varying ingredients/ proprietary blends at different percentages of recommended daily value

Nature’s Bounty comes at a much lower price point and is readily available in most health food stores and local drug stores, as opposed to the other three that must be ordered online. (Yes ladies which means shipping and handling plus the wait time will be involved with the other three options). Besides the fact that these supplements contain different levels of biotin, they also have different sets of supplementary ingredients and proprietary blends which helps separate themselves from one another. Nature’s Bounty is the least “health” conscious of the four, and continas extra added ingredients such as corn syrup to give it a good “Flavor” or “taste” since it comes in a chewable form. The gummy does taste good, but as someone who is trying to control/almost eliminate added sugar in my diet the added sugar was a turn off for me overall.


What I will say stood out the MOST for me was that Mielle Organics proprietary blend contains ingredients that I value greatly right now when dealing with my PCOS. Their proprietary blend contains Inositol, Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, and Grape Seed. Four components that neither Manetabolism or Hairfinity offer. I’ve been taking Inositol in its pure form to help with my PCOS conditions so I was not only shocked but intrigued that the owner decided to include this ingredient in her blend. That was my deciding factor in deciding between brands that potentially offer the same effect/result.

As always what works best for me may not work best for you. Keep in mind that your lifestyle plays a big role in how your body responds/reacts to hair supplements. You must still eat healthy and drink loads of water no matter which vitamin you choose to take.

I will definitely keep you updated with my progress and results. If you are looking into purchasing hair vitamins and were confused which route to go I recommend Mielle Organics. By using code: TRESSES you can get a 10.00 discount on all orders over 20.00.

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Hey there! I’m Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I’m busy teaching the future of society.

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12 Responses to Battle Of The Hair Vitamins: Which Is Worth Your Money?

  1. Now, I’ve only tried natures bounty & Mielle organics BUT Mielle is the first time I’ve actually taken vitamins diligently and I’ve seen major growth. I Recently cut off 3 inches off two months ago & my hair has grown back 2 out of those 3 inches. Friends & fam can barely tell I cut my hair. Now my mom has put all her friends on

    • I’ve also seen major growth with them as well! I’ll be revealing my results this week!! Stay tuned!

  2. I agree, I’ve been taking Mielle Organics Vitamins for over a year now. My hair growth has not been steady because I have not been taking them consistently. But I have noticed a tremendous of amount of growth in my hair and my nails.

  3. Fantastic write up! I just put an order in for the Mielle Organics using your coupon code (thank you!). I already take a multivitamin (including extra doses of B vitamins). However I’ll be willing to change things up a bit to incorporate a vitamin that promotes both hair growth and might help a bit in PCOS.

      • Hey! So how has it been? Any breakouts? I was super pumped
        To try Sugarbear hair until I read the reviews about acne. So I moved on to hairfinity & main- read the same reviews. So I’m curious as to how this one made your skin react! Thanks in advance

        • I’ve been taking Mielle Organics on and off for 2 years and have never experienced any break outs. And this comes from someone who had massive breakouts taking hair vitamins and biotin. So it was definitely a plus for me to not have to stress about my hair. Definitely drink tons of water !

  4. I have tried Hairfinity and can swear on it – tremendous results. As a Canadian resident i became pricey as the shipping and handling was beyond steep. It followed through with its word, but i will be purchasing the Metabolism based on the fact is carries vitamin k with a double dosage of biotin for 6 months to await vast results for my fro. Regardless of the choice of vitamins it is imperative that you drink plenty of water as you may receive breakout in the beginning as your body adjusts. Prior to ingesting i will do a colon cleanse to remove all toxins to insure i will be receiving its full effectiveness.

    • I agree! Let us know how it goes I haven’t tried Hairfinity or Manetabolism so I’m interested to see how they compare. Thanks for stopping by and dropping the info.

  5. I’ve used nature’s bounty and other drugstore/supermarket hair vitamins for a few years, very little results. I found a store thst sold hsirfinity, at a ridiculous amount, might I add. It seemed cheaper to just use someone’s credit card and pay them, if you don’t have one of your own. Anywho, I noticed more length growth in the one bottle than the last five years of H.S.N. vitamins. I also took a bottle of Meille. Same issue. No growth. No changes in length, strength, or breakage.

    I noticed you said that you didn’t try some of the products. How can you properly form solid conclusions based on half facts? I waited about three months in between bottles, to give my body a chance to get the last one out of my system.

  6. I use HSN by ItWorks. They also have a a lot of biotin, but they use a gentle, all natural, botanical blend of vitamins and minerals. I have heard of breakouts due to biotin, so I make myself drink plenty of water to prevent that. I also take their Greens to keep my body balanced and detoxed. This is the first time I’ve been able to grow my hair down past my bra strap, lol.