I was given the opportunity to experience which is a site that offers over 200 products from new up and coming natural hair lines, as well as the big name brands that we’ve grown to know and love. They’re offering a luxurious process of shopping for your locs… hence the name “Loux” was born. Ethnic hair can be extremely difficult to shop for, especially if you do not live in a town that caters to ethnic hair.  After my travels to California and Arizona I was shocked at just how little representation ethnic hair care gets outside of New York. So I was super thrilled to find out about My Loux and experience it first hand.

There are a few things that I look for when shopping online especially when shopping for natural hair care products. First things first I don’t have time to spend figuring out how to use a website, especially when 90 percent of the time I am using the mobile version of the site. I shopped from the Phoenix airport on spotty wifi, and I was pleased with the ease in which I was able to shop and order my products. offers you the ability to shop in various forms depending on what you are looking for. The tabs are easily organized so you will be able to navigate through cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, stylers…etc. I personally enjoyed shopping through the category of specific brands specifically.

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The second thing I look for is what does the site have to offer. This site has several different types of hair products to meet different needs. I enjoyed having different options and comparing the big names to the smaller independent brands. Once I decided on the specifics of my order checkout was also quick and simple. MyLoux offers free shipping on domestic orders of 35 and over while also offering 10% off of your first order. I love a good discount /saving offer from companies so thats another check in the MyLoux pro column. My third requirement for shopping online is packaging. I don’t like ordering things online and receiving a huge mess in a box.

I ordered Eden Body works products and was thoroughly pleased with the packaging when it arrived. It was neat, secure , and arrived in three days. Not having to wait forever for my package to be shipped as well as having it arrive as and sound are two perks that I love when shopping online.

my loux experience


Overall my experience with My Loux was positive. The only issue I had with the site was more product availability. I wish there was more variety of products and brands available but I was told that there are more products and brands on the way. So that is certainly something to look forward to in the near product shopping future.

How and where do you shop for hair products? Share your experience with us in the comment box below.

*disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Loux Hair and does not alter my thoughts/opinions on the site. *


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