Sealing your hair is a great way to help preserve and maintain moisture. The benefits are phenomenal and doesn’t take up too much time in your hair regimen (almost none at all).  With all the products, and options out there I figured I’d take the time to give you the basic options that wont break the bank and will prevent your head from spinning (I hate having 875895013 products in front of me that claim to do the same thing).

image0011. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Olive oil is not only a great sealant but also a fabulous moisturizing oil for your tresses. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the few oils that can penetrate the shaft of the hair. Olive oil adds shine, helps to clear up dry scalp, and enhances hair growth. You get three benefits in one when you choose to add this oil to your regimen! What I like the most is that I can find olive oil just about anywhere I go and it wont cost me an arm and a leg. When I run out of my other carrier/essential oils (there is a difference) I know that I always have my back up plan in the cupboard of my kitchen.

HHE-50148-12. Castor Oil: Specifically Jamaican Black Castor Oil has the thickness necessary to tackle our type 4, seal in great amounts of moisture into our strands without leaving them greasy or weighed down as other oils.  Castor oil helps to regrow hair (especially around the nape and edges). Claims have also been made that it can help thicken your fine/thin strands. Though I’m not too certain about the last claim I do use JBCO as a part of my pre-poo’s frequently andy it helps make detangling my hair a lot easier and quicker. Extra added benefit: Castor Oil is not only great for sealing moisture into your hair, it also has antifungal/antibacterial properties that can help solve issues on the scalp such as ringworm…etc.

diy-dare-week-073. Grape Seed Oil: I just started falling in love with grape seed oil (partially because I realized I could get it so easily at Trader Joes) and because of its unique properties that make it a great option for sealing type four hair. Grapeseed Oil protects specifically against moisture loss. The prescence of Omega 6 fatty acid: Linoleic Acid combats dryness directly. (Which means this oil is great for your skin too- 2 for 1 deal!) Grapeseed oil is also on the lighter side, so if your hair doesnt do well with the thickness/heaviness of olive oil or castor oil, grapeseed may be the best alternative for your strands.

Jojoba_Oil_pic-2114. Jojoba Oil: Jojoba Oil may be a little bit more expensive than the other oils mentioned but it also possesses some unique qualities/characteristics that may do your hair some amazing justice. Jojoba oil most closely resembles the sebum in our hair/scalp. This means the natural oil that you scalp is producing, jojoba oil matches and replenishes that producing more effective healthy hair growth. Jojoba oil also has the longest shelf life in comparison to the other oils, but you’ll probably end up going through them all equally at the same amount of time if used consistently. Besides shine, and softness, Jojoba oil also helps with elasticity in your hair.

almond-oil15. Almond Oil: Last but certainly not least is an oil I’ve been using for the past few months and have nothing but positives to say about it. Almond oil is beneficial for both hair and beauty hacks therefore it is a great necessity in your arsenal. Almond oil has the ability to penetrate the shaft of the hair as well, and its best benefit is to serve as a sealant and protectant. Almond oil gives you a bright, silky, shiny look while giving your ends a revived appearance. (not fixing them… nothing fixes split ends). I’ve been having a blast using Mielle Organics Almond Oil because it not only uses Sweet Almond Oil it also adds in peppermint oil for a tingle and great smell. My hair has been having a growth spurt that I must thank this oil for amongst other things. If you are looking to get your hands on a really good Almond Oil I recommend Mielle Organics you get a large amount for a great price and using code: TRESSES gets you 10.00 off on all orders over 20.00 at checkout!

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