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2 Products You Should Never Use On Your Natural Hair

products you should never use on your natural hair

Now you know we have to serve up the real real truth on Trials N’ Tresses and that truth always has to be researched. We know that different things work for different people so, if you have been using these 3 products and they’ve worked well for you… keep doing you boo! But for those of you who notice something is not right with your hair after using these, or you’re thinking about using them please take look below first.

After discussing various “no poo” methods for cleansing your hair a few weeks go, many of you brought up using Apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay and other methods as well. It was a great topic of conversation, but there were a few mentions of ingredients that made me cringe a bit, and here’s why:

2 Products You Should Never Use On Your Natural Hair


1. Baking Soda: I can’t tell you how nervous it makes me when I hear women discussing how they use Baking Soda as a cleanser and a conditioner. I also have heard women using it to help loosen their curl pattern. Uh… RED FLAG! Baking soda is a chemical (sodium bicarbonate) used to clean our floors/ kill germs. That means it is strong and powerful. Placing that abrasive of a product on your hair is a dangerous game.

It also has an extremely high pH level (9.0) compared to a relaxer which has a pH of 14.0. Our hair rests at around 4.0-4.5. Applying baking soda to your hair raises the pH of your hair and leaves the cuticles of your hair wide open for moisture to go in and right out. This is usually where the jagged dry feeling comes from. Your cuticle is raised and hasn’t been shut smoothly back down. You want to  use pH balanced products or products that will atleast bring your pH levels back to where they are meant to be, and 9.0 is definitely too high.

products you should never use on your natural hair

2. Castille Soap: Castille Soap also is an offender that often fools people. Because of Castille Soaps’ gentle nature many people do not realize that using direct potent castille soap on their skin or hair can be extremely irritating and drying. Castille Soap also has a high alkaline pH that raises that pH of your hair dramatically. If you are going to be using or you are already using Castille Soap in your natural hair care regimen it should be in a diluted state. Never ever ever use pure undiluted Castille soap on your hair. It is also advisable to use an acidic rinse like Apple Cider Vinegar to rebalance the pH of your hair after you have used Castille Soap.

Have you used either of these products on your natural hair? If so how does it work for you? Share your experiences with us below.

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