Growing natural hair fast seems to not only be an infatuation in the natural hair community, but something that most brands and businesses prey on. Countless pages and products come up when you google “Grow natural hair fast”. From techniques, to a new oil, or method all day every day in your face it is nothing but trying to grow your natural hair fast and causing hair envy for the next natural. However growing your natural hair fast can be achieved using two easy simple steps that we often over look, and I’m here to share those with you.

1.  A Healthy Hair Regimen: It’s not a secret, just one step that often gets pushed to the side by the countless amounts of hair products boasting of increasing thickness, or making hair shoot our your follicles at lighting speed. There’s no better way to grow your healthy hair then to have a healthy hair regimen…PERIOD. I’ve gone through different regimens frequently on the site , varying from your lifestyle to your budget. You should be focusing on increasing the health and retention of your hair rather than focusing on length.

I’ve been a victim… (victim probably isn’t the best word… but let’s proceed) of wanting my hair to grow so fast that I was cutting corners and taking unnecessary measures. I took the pills, I bought the expensive products and I had nothing but disastrous repercussions that actually cost me the length I was going for. Sticking to the hair regimen that worked best for me and my lifestyle has helped me see tremendous gains without as many set backs.

The basic steps to a healthy hair regimen should include the following:

1. Pre Poo
2. Shampoo & Condition (or Cowash & Alternative Clarification)
3. Deep Condition
4. Moisturize (LOC)
5. Low Manipulation Styles

If you are still confused with what a healthy hair regimen should include/involve I break it down further here with a series of steps and products that can be interchanged with one another.

2. Patience & Consistency: Is the second step that most people forget about all the time. Hair on average grows 1/2 an inch a month giving you 6 inches a year. With trimming and minor set backs with great length retention you can hope to keep 4-5 inches of that hair with proper maintenance. That of course depends on your hair regimen. For some reason people want to grow 12 inches of hair a month so they do all these crazy things (like the inversion method… which I guiltily have tried) . Yes there are some people who’s hair grows at a faster rate naturally, but no product, pill, or magic fairy dust will help your hair grows faster than it naturally does. We are pre disposed to have our hair grow at a certain rate as well as how thick it is (sorry to break it to you ladies… no product/ pill / or oil is going to thicken your hair). It’s a reality I had to learn to accept in 2014 and I’m spreading the news in 2015. We have to accept the hair on our heads and learn to love it the way it is. Yes there are things/styles we can do to alter the appearance but at the end of the day worrying about how long your hair is or how fast it is growing compared to the next naturalista is only going to make you depressed and stressed… which will eventually lead to your hair falling out! You will be doing more harm than good attempting to keep up with your favorite Youtube star.

At the beginning of the year I decided to make this resolution with myself. I wouldn’t join any of the “hair challenges” this year and I wouldn’t run any of them either. I rather focus my “challenge” mentality on health and financial issues because I knew worrying about the every move of my hair hadn’t gotten anywhere. Instead I went back to the basics of my transitioning days that took me the furthest.

While transitioning my hair grew as fast as weeds, especially after my big chip in Feb. 2013. Then for 1.5 years I started doing the most and started comparing my hair journey to others. This caused many bouts of breakage and sadness.

steps to grow natural hair fast steps to grow natural hair fast

Now that I’ve really let go of that, my hair is back on track to growing at its regular pace (not fast) and there is no magic! There is now “how did you do it” it’s really just my hair regimen, and my acceptance that my hair can’t keep up with Youtube. It can only keep up with itself and thats fine with me!

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Hey there! I’m Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I’m busy teaching the future of society.

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  1. I am so in love with your site. I am in the army and deployed with my hair in the natural state. The water dries my hair but you have provided so many tips that have helped me. Thank you!

  2. Hi just read your article but I couldn’t find the break down of the regimen or products that I can use. I really need help with my hair and your advise will really be of help thanks

  3. Hey this seems like a pretty reliable site and I have 3c hair and I starighten it often.I am having a pretty hard time growing my hair while my sister with 4c hair is growing slot faster than mine I just need advice on how to grow my hair out fast also