As a naturalista for almost 3 years I like to think I’ve heard it all when it comes to comments, questions, and concerns with natural hair… but there’s always something left to shock/surprise me. Whether it is a family member, friend, or significant other, someone has always got something to say about natural hair. That is what has brought us here: Our top ten list of funniest and most annoying things we’ve heard and are tired of hearing in our natural hair journey.

Top 10 Funniest & Annoying Things To Say To Naturals

1. “How do you get it to look like that?”

uh… it’s natural that’s how it grows out of my scalp!!!

2. Can I touch it/ play with it?

Not a petting zoo… let’s keep our hands to ourselves.

3. Have you ever straightened it? Can you straighten that?

Yes it can be straightened… but I choose not to straighten it. 

4.  Why do you have to wear it so crazy like that?

I’d like to think I can wear my hair anyway I want, but I’m pretty sure I don’t consider this crazy. Glad to have your opinion on it though! (side eye)

5. Are you wearing a wig?

No… I am not… thanks for asking for the hundredth time.

6. Is that all your hair? Let me see (begins to reach and grope hair)

stands still in disbelief… 

7. Why don’t you just brush your hair?

It wouldn’t end pretty that’s why… just trust me. 

8. You don’t use shampoo? Does that mean your hair is dirty?

No my hair isn’t dirty… I cleanse it. 

9. Did you go natural to get in touch with your African roots?

Sigh… which answer would make you stop asking further questions

10. Do things get lost in there?

I haven’t found any lost treasures… no

Ha… some of these responses have been actually said out loud… most haven’t! Share your favorite or least favorite things you’ve heard or been asked about your natural hair below! We can’t wait to see/read this!

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