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water only hair washing method

You know we like to be up to the times when it comes to hair care methods and regimens … but it seems we may have missed a trend/method that has become increasingly popular in the natural hair community. While it may not be sweeping the nation just yet, the “Water Only” hair washing method is picking up steam and we had to do some research to bring you the deets.

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The Water Only Hair Washing Method

What’s The Point: So the point behind the water only hair washing method is to allow for your sebaceous gland to naturally produce sebum which moisturizes, nourishes and protects your strands. And just as the name suggests you only use water to wash your hair instead of adding in other products such as shampoos or conditioners.

How Do I Do It: The method is simple enough and doesn’t require any heavy lifting besides … well water of course. But just like with everything the water only hair washing method comes with its own share of pros and cons. The initial step does require you to clarify your hair with a clarifying method whether it is a gentle sulfate free shampoo or a “No Poo” alternative. I don’t suggest co-washing during this step but if you want to remain shampoo free you can do a mud rinse using bentonite or rhassoul clay.


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You will have to follow certain steps if you choose to follow the “water only hair washing method” and there will be a transition process. After you have initially clarified, you are to put your hair into two strand twists, massage your scalp daily to prevent build up, start the water rinsing only process, and massage the sebum down the strand of your hair. What is most important in the water only hair washing method is to stick to mainly natural hair products to avoid removing the natural oils from your hair. Plant/food based products are your best bet when trying to remove excess sebum or dirt.

PROS: The water only hair washing method uses your hair’s natural oils therefore your hair will be nourished, soft, silky and moisturized. The pH of your hair will be balanced therefore putting your hair in its best possible condition. Many people have had great results increasing the volume, shine, body and bounce of their hair. Women have even stated that their curls became more prominent and their wash and gos were absolutely amazing.

CONS: With all positives there are a few cons as well. The transition may make your hair feel excessively oily or sticky. If you have excess sebum and do not take the proper steps to remove it you may start to see a grey tinge in your hair, and your ends may start to break off. The worst feeling is the itchiness that may ensue on your scalp if you do not properly massage your scalp.

My Final Take Away: As with the maximum hydration method I always have issue with any hair care regimen that requires my hair to be wet almost every day. This does seem like a method I would try perhaps in the summer when I wouldn’t have to worry about freezing to death on my commute in the morning to work. There are several tutorials and bloggers/ vloggers who are using the water only hair washing method successfully. Naptural85 is an advocate of the water only hair washing method and I tend to support anything Naptural does!

Have you every tried the water only hair washing method? If so what were your results? Does this method look like something you would try?

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