Summer time can be really brutal on our hair if we do not take the necessary precautions in protecting our tresses. And no that doesnt always mean running to get a new protective style. Even with a protective style you are still going to want to follow 1,2… or all of these ways to moisturize natural hair whether you have it out or hidden and protected away.

Here are 10 sure fire ways to moisturize your natural hair this summer.

10 ways To Moisturize Natural Hair

1. Water Based Moisturizers: The best type of moisturizers have the best moisturizing agent.. which is water. Check your moisturizing products… if their first ingredient listed isn’t water toss them and replace them with a product that does. Water is one of the best ingredients you can have in a product. And if you want a heads up on what else you should be looking for in your products head over here!

2. SEAL SEAL SEAL: Sealing your ends and sealing in the rest of your hair is vital in moisturizing and maintaining the moisture you have just added to your hair. By following the simple LOC method you can assure that you have done your best due diligence in adding a liquid, an oil and a styling creme in the appropriate order. Depending on your hair porosity you may find that you need to use the LCO method instead. Either route make sure to seal in the moisture so the water doesn’t just evaporate away leaving your hair dry and vulnerable to damage.  You want to make sure you are sealing with an appropriate oil, and that you know the benefits of the oil you are using to fit your hair care needs.

3. Deep Condition/ Hot Oil/ Protein Treatments: Treat your hair the same way you want to treat yourself! That’s my motto! You want to deep condition weekly and rotate hot oil treatments or protein treatments in the mix every few weeks. If you are looking for tell tale signs on when you need a protein treatment these right here may help you figure it out!  Why? Consisitenyly adding in moisture will help your hair stay protected during the week while you do other styles and your hair braves the elements. Deep conditioning is an added shield that replenishes the moisture you’ve lost while hot oil treatments and protein treatments can help rebuild (not completely fix) some of the damage we’ve caused. (nothing repairs heat damage… so don’t even think about it! Here’s a list of the top 5 deep conditioners you want to try this summer to give your tresses a fitting chance. Good on deep conditioners then stop by and grab some pre-poo oil treatments that you can DIY and make from the comfort of your own home for under 10 bucks!

4. Curly Girl or Max Hydration Method: The Curly Girl Method and Max Hydration Method both help to boost your moisture retention. They have similarities and vast differences that can fit your hectic daily regimen. I prefer the Curly Girl method because I’ve already become familiar with most of the “rules” and adjusted accordingly. I also don’t really have the time to have my hair wet for 7 days in a row. Here’s a break down on how to get started following either method of adding moisture to your hair. We’ve also (because we love you and the Curly Girl Method) have compiled lists of products that are curly girl friendly whether you are looking for a styling gel or leave in conditioner for your daily hair regimen.

5. Change In Hair Products: Your choice in hair products could actually be sucking the moisture right out of your hair. Switch to sulfate free products to help rid yourself of the harsh drying affects that come after cleansing with improper products. You may also want to ditch the products that contain parabens and alcohols in them which can also cause dryness.

6. Baggy Method: The baggy method is an oldie but a goodie in the natural hair community which means it has been tried and tested and adopted in many hair care regimens. It is simple yet effective. All you do is spritz your hair at night until it is damp. You add a plastic shower cap (tie a bandana around it to keep it in place) and head off to bed. Your body heat, the water and the shower cap will cause a bit of a green house affect and your hair will be super moisturized in the morning.

7. Add Water: I’m not a huge advocate for this but … like I sad water is a key player to a healthy moisturized head of hair. If you must… and only if you must you can walk around with a spritz bottle (which is what the old school naturals used to do…haha) and spritz your hair to add moisture that has been lost during your day. You don’t want to make your hair soaking wet, just slightly damp.

8. Steam Your hair: I use my Q-Redew weekly (sometimes even more than that) to steam my hair and rejuvenate the moisture I have lost due to environmental changes out of my control. This Q-redew is a godsend but if you don’t have the time or own a steamer using the shower is the next best thing. I prefer the steamer because I can direct where the steam is going, how long I steam for and I can see the effects happening right before my eyes.  I can use this steamer for so many different aspects of my hair care regimen and I definitely recommend it or steaming period with or with out an actual steamer to open up the cortex of your hair and allow moisture to reenter that has already been lost.

9. Proper Sleep Prep: If you are not preparing your hair properly before bed all of this moisturizing work could be going to waste. You want to make sure you are tying your hair up at night with silk or satin head ties, a satin or silk pillow case or bonnet will also do the trick. IF not the cotton or whatever other fabric you are sleeping on are sucking the moisture right out of of your hair causing unintentional damage that you didn’t even consider.

10. WATER WATER WATER: I know this is the third time I’ve mentioned water but that is just how crucial and vital it is. You should be drinking 64oz or more of water daily! If you struggle with how to schedule out that much water in your busy hectic day I’ve broken down how to drink 3 liters of water a day with a full time job without having to run to the bathroom every 5 seconds. You can also join in on our Drink Up Water Challenge to help you stay motivated to do what is right for your health and the health of your hair.

So there you have it… 10 easy ways to make sure your natural hair gets and retains all the moisture it possibly can. What methods have you used to retain moisture in your natural hair?

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