Affordable Natural Hair Products For The Broke Millennial
FTC: This post is not sponsored, but does contain affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  If you've walked down any aisle at Sephora lately you will have noticed that beauty surely isn't cheap. But looking bomb doesn't have to always cost an arm and a leg plus your first born. Take it full post
Black TV Shows To Watch In 2018
And let the good times keep on rolling! It is Black History Month, we are eleven days away from the Black Panther movie premiere,  and we are continuing to celebrate black excellence. Incase you missed our previous post catch it here! (15 Dope Ways To Celebrate Black History Month 2018). If you've got yourself some full post
15 Dope Ways To Celebrate Black History Month 2018
I've never been one for celebrating black history month, because I come from the firm belief that black history should be celebrated and acknowledged every month of the year. However, during black history month I do take particular steps to further increase my knowledge beyond my regular attempts throughout out the year. I try to full post
5 Ways To Build Credit Without Taking On Debt
The other day a friend of mine was expressing his spiel on the importance of avoiding debt, and how easy it is to fall into the American cycle of debt. It is a pretty commonly accepted fact that most American citizens are in debt some how some way. Whether it be credit cards, a car full post
Four Common Winter Skin Problems & How To Fix Them
Thank you Olay for partnering with us to bring you this post today !  New York just had a winter snow storm a few weeks ago, and it was pretty dreadful. We've also been historically facing some of the coldest temperatures during this frigid winter season. I say all of that to simply say this, full post
2018 Summer Music Festivals To Attend Besides Coachella
As I get older I get more and more sad that my time at bomb ass summer music festivals is no longer fun and exciting but more so awkward and tiring. Instead of being the granny at the festivals that can't keep up, I've decided to bow out gracefully. That doesn't mean that I can't full post
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