10 Summer Binge Worthy Shows To Add To Your Queue
I don't get to watch TV during the school year so I make its personal mission to watch as much TV during the summer as humanly possible while still doing outside activities. There's no greater feeling for me during the summer then to plop down after a run, or walking my dog and watching television. full post
5 DIY Coconut Oil Recipes For Natural Hair
FTC: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own . Coconut Oil has been deemed the savior of natural hair for many many many moons now... and for good reason. Coconut oil has many benefits for your hair, skin, and body. I've got two jars of it in my kitchen right full post
How To Plan For A Trip To Italy On A Budget
Guess who's going to Italy this summer? This girl right here!! And I could not be more excited. Travel isn't always cheap... but you can do everything in your power to make it as fiscally affordable as possible. Here's how to plan for a trip to Italy on a budget (I'm over my budget... but full post
How To Recover When Your Shit Gets Stolen
So there's no witty opening to this one... my shit got stolen three weeks ago from my gym locker and it sucked. I've lived in New York all of my life and I've been one of the fortunate few that has never had their things stolen. I've also luckily never been robbed (and I pray full post
Student Loans 101: Paying Off The Principle
Student loans suck... we all know that. And if you don't know that... you should consider yourself lucky. While millenials get a constant bad rap for not being able to do all the things that generations before us could do with ease...we have good reason. Student debt is higher than it has ever been full post
25 More Books To Read This Summer
FTC: This post is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I've officially got 10 class days left of teaching, and one month left until the very last day of school. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've had a pretty tough demanding teaching year, and had full post
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