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6 Ways To Make 100 Dollars A Month As An Amazon Affiliate

Okay… so before we go any further I want to be very clear so you don’t start reading this and fee lost or that you’ve wasted your time. This post is strictly if you have an Amazon affiliate account. It is free to sign up and get an account, but

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How To Use Snapchat For your Brand

I’ve said it time and time again social media is a beast that can be hard to train but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it will serve you well. Snapchat has been around for quite some time (since 2011 to be exact) but it seems this year it

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Blogger Tip Thursday: How To Host A Loop Giveaway

Social media is changing every day sometimes for the better, and other times not so much. As a blogger all these changes can be really scary and annoying. Trying to grow your brand and social media presence is a full time job in itself which is why I’m breaking down

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5 Tricks I Used To Build A Crazy Mailing List

It is Thursday so I had to come to you with a new batch of info to help you build your brand the best way you see fit. When I first started blogging I feel like I didn’t have much guidance and was kind of pulling at straws. Especially when

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Blogger Tip Thursday: The Easy Way To Do SEO

Search Engine Optimization If you’ve been in the blogosphere for five minutes or more than you have most likely heard of the oh so annoying term: “Search Engine Optimization”. This means you also probably have received tons of offers to “fix your SEO” for a fee so that you can

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Blogger Tip Thursday: How I Reached One Million Page Views In 2 Years

A few weeks ago Trials N’ Tresses reached a huge milestone and while I was too busy to truly celebrate beyond just a few tears, I do think the best form of celebration is to pay it forward. What that means is sharing all the tid bits that made it

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Blogger Tip Thursday: 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

It’s the first Thursday of the New Year and it’s time to kick your blog in to gear full throttle! So we are going to start off by talking about ways to make it easier (weird right)! But I’ve always been a firm believer in working smarter not harder and

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Blogger Tip Thursday: How To Handle Social Media Like A Pro

Its a new week so it is time for a new tip. This week we’re tackling the beast that is social media. Now while social media can be fun, and exciting it can also be daunting when you are trying to start up a new blog or business. There are

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Blogger Tip Thursday: Choosing The Right Hosting Service

Back at it with some more helpful info I wish I knew about when I started blogging. We took off for Thanksgiving festivities (and last week because I was just swamped) but today we’re back and we’ll be talking about how to go about choosing the right host for your

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Blogger Gift Guide: Goodies You Should Want As A Blogger

  If you are new to blogging, looking to get into blogging or you’re a seasoned veteran you can never have enough cool blogging stuff!! To take your blog to the next level, and make your blogger life much easier I’ve compiled a list of 13 goodies that you should

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