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Transitioning Tips

Top 10 Things To Know Before Going Natural

While going natural has become the new  “wave” it seems that what is often left out of the conversation is what you need to know and how to prepare for the actual journey of going natural. There is also not a lot of information out there about what happens once

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5 Reasons Your Scalp Is Itchy & How To Solve It

There is nothing more annoying than being out in public and having a constant itch. It gives you a frustrated feeling and personally I always feel that people are looking at me like I’m dirty. Dandruff and black outfits… forget about it… AWFUL! An itchy scalp can be caused by

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5 Ways To Grow Your Natural Hair While Wearing A Weave

If you are thinking about protective styling with a weave and really want to capitalize your growth, there are a few things you can do that will help your natural hair thrive underneath the weave. The major issue when protective styling is the “set it and forget it” route that

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2 Products You Should Never Use On Your Natural Hair

Now you know we have to serve up the real real truth on Trials N’ Tresses and that truth always has to be researched. We know that different things work for different people so, if you have been using these 3 products and they’ve worked well for you… keep doing

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Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatments

While we’re in the middle of our Retain Your Mane Hair challenge  its important to remember that our hair care regimen doesn’t need any fancy bells or whistles. Many of our natural hair care issues can be resolved with simple DIY methods. One of these methods are hot oil treatments that

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What To Look For When Choosing A Natural Hair Brand

With so many natural hair brands popping up all over the place it can be really difficult figuring out which one is worth your money, and which is just not. There are four things I look at specifically when choosing a natural hair brand to add into my hair regimen.

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10 Herbs And Oils To Promote Hair Growth

I think the best thing about getting further and further into your natural hair journey is being able to separate the fact from the fancy. We know now (or we should know by now) that there is nothing really that can make our hair grow faster than we are genetically

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Protein Overload: What Is It & How To Correct It

If you’ve been following along (which I hope you have) I recently had my first professional haircut in five years. It is also my first professional haircut as a natural. When Vincenzo examined my hair, washed and treated he came to the final consensus that I was experiencing protein overload. Now

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12 Oils To Help Thicken Your Natural Hair

In the natural hair community we’re often looking for the next quick fix to all of our natural hair problems. But the reality is that sometimes it just takes a bit of a patience and elbow grease. Or in this case oils. Here are 12 oils to help thicken your

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5 Tools You Need To Take Down Your Protective Style

I’ve been protective styling pretty much all summer and in doing so I’ve picked up a thing or two about the oh so dreadful take down process. Taking down your protective style may seem daunting at first but with these 5 tools you’ll be able to make the process a

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