OVERVIEW: I recently found the app Berry Cart in my search to save a quick buck when doing my shopping. I had no idea that they would soon release a subscription box filled with products that they promote on their app. I was so excited and lucky to get my hands on their first subscription box.

The box itself costs 26.00 a month and you get 8-10 products with at least 4 of them being full sized (that is their promise/motto before purchasing the box). You also get at least 10 dollars in cash back rebates that you can claim through the use of the app, as well as one bonus produce rebate. It is a healthy food subscription box so everything in the box is free of preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners/flavors. Lets dive into what came in my first Berry Cart box.










The box comes with a information card to give you the details of your box. It also gives you information on how to collect cash back on products using the Berry Cart App, if you go out and buy the full sized product. This box contained 4 full size products, and 5 sample size products. Let’s dive into what exactly what Berry Cart sent over.

 Pyure Stevia (2.49)

I’m not a fan of sweeteners whether they are natural/organic or artificial so I did end up giving this away. However if you do like stevia this can be purchased at Walgreens for about 3.00 dollars







IPS Chips (12.99 for 8 1oz bags)

Another sample I’m not really fond of, which I’ve received in a previous subscription box as well. I just can’t bring myself to eat chips made from egg whites no matter how good for you they are. I also gave this away, and apparently this flavor isn’t as good as others.



World Peas (3.49 for a 8oz bag)

Also not a fan of peas, or beans so this was another present for a lucky co worker. If you do love peas though just a heads up that these are not chick peas!



Manitoba Hemp Hearts (7.99 for 8oz)

I’ve been meaning to give hemp hearts, seeds, and oil a try for a while now so I was kinda ecstatic to see this included in the box. My plan is to use them in smoothies, and to the tops of my salads (fruit or lettuce based) I will definitely keep you updated on how the flavors interact.



Simple Squares (2.39/full size)

This was one of the full size items in the box and I was oh so disappointed in the flavor. This could just be a personal preference as I strongly dislike coconut flavored things, but I’m proud of myself for even giving it a shot.



Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips (3.59/full size)

The second full size product was the Beanfiels Bean & Rice chips which I greatly enjoyed. I mean they don’t taste like Doritos, they just don’t… but they are definitely tasty. They also don’t really cost you much more than a regular bag of chips so its a better healthier option that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.



I heart Keenwah Granola Clusters (4.99/full size)

These were my absolute favorite in the box and I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this brand before with my new found love for quinoa. These were so delicious, and though a bit pricy I may make the trip to Whole Foods to pick up a few bags when I’m feeling fancy and healthy (usually doesn’t happen at the same time haha)


FINAL THOUGHTS: This box was jam filled with goodies that I actually did enjoy besides the few things I didn’t like/try or gave away. But it was also filled with things I wasn’t to crazy about it. However the best part about this box is that it is FILLED to capacity with a variety of healthy snacks to try! And if you do happen to like them you can earn cash back (I love a good deal/bargain).  I’m not sure if I would classify some of the things in this box as full size but the two real full size samples that I truly enjoyed were amazing (The Beanfield Bean & Rice Chips/ Keenwah Granola Clusters). Including the two products I wasn’t able to photograph well (the Kutoa Snack Bar &  Laughing Giraffe Chocolate Snackaroons- which were delicious by the way) the product value in this box was almost spot on to the cost of the box. Since this is their first box I’m sure they will be making adjustments to align the value to products to make it more worth your while. My overall rating of this box is a 3/5 because I couldn’t get enough of quinoa clusters, but I didn’t enjoy enough of the box to rate it any higher.

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