Up next on our subscription box series is the monthly subscription vitamin and supplement sample box Bulu Box. In my journey to be healthier during the TNT Summer Ready Challenge (and in every day general life) I found the Bulu Box and decided to share what exactly worked/didnt work for me in this box.

Bulu Box Overview

Bulu Box is a health, nutrition, and weight loss focused box. Each month comes with 4-5 samples from the brands they have associated with to help you look/feel your best. There are two different box options the classic Bulu Box Original which will cost you 10 bucks a month with no shipping costs (A 12 month subscription gives you the box at about 9.70) or the Weight Loss Bulu Box  . They also have this pretty cool reward points program that you can use to buy the full size products that have come in your box that you have fallen in love with. (50 reward points= 5.00 dollars).


So lets take a look at what came inside of my Bulu Box:


This particular Bulu Box consisted of 6 samples ranging from Gummys to motivate weight loss, all the way to Metabolic Sleeping pills. So let me dive in a bit further to give my opinions on the sample packs.

Magnetic Motivation: The magnetic motivation strips were cute and added a bit of character to the box. I currently have these posted up on the side of my desk at work to add a boost of motivation during difficult times


The Gummies Co. Rasberry Ketones Gummies (Retail: 24.99/ 60 count) : I received one sample pack with two of these tummies in it. The Ketones Gummies are said to aid in weight loss by increasing your metabolism and turning existing fat into energy. I personally did not like the Rasberry flavor of this at all and find it kind of difficult to gauge whether they were effective since I only had two of them. This is a product I wouldn’t be investing in for the full size option.

Livelong Nutrition GreenTrim (Retail: 44.99/60 capsules): This was a pill I could swallow and not have to deal with the taste. Again this is another sample that is difficult/almost impossible to gauge if it is effective due to only receiving one. I will say however that this pill did help me out the first day of my Love Grace Foods 3 day detox cleanse. I wasn’t hungry during the day like I thought I would be, and I like to believe that these pills had a hand in that. They do claim to help with weight loss while also controlling appetite (which it definitely did) and burning excess fat/blocking fat storage)

Miracle Tea Organic Moringa Wellness Tea (Retail: 15.98/ Two Boxes) This tea came just in time with my new obsession with tea. Not sure if its a love affair yet but it is definitely a new obsession I’m focusing on greatly during my TNT Summer Ready Challenge. This tea contains 90 nutrients, 47 antioxidants and 25 vitamins/minerals. Talk about packed. This is my second favorite sample in the box and definitely something I would invest my money in. It is an organic tea and helps to boost energy levels and your general wellbeing.

NibMor Organic Choclate (Retail 40.00/ 60 count): This was a bonus item in the box. This is a dark chocolate filled with antioxidants to make you feel less guilty for indulging in chocolate while trying to get your life right with the fitness God! Ha! This chocolate is a bit on the pricy side, and I’m not a major fan of dark chocolate. So for me this was a miss but for those of you who love dark chocolate, this is certainly the brand for you!


Umph Pre-Workout (Retail 34.99/ 30 servings): HOLY CRAP! That was my first reaction after drink in the sample packet. This powder that you add into your beverage of choice (I used water) and give it a fruit/berrry punch flavor. This is supposed to give you a boost of energy to go get in your workout full force, and it did just that. Maybe even too well! I felt kind of shaky/ like I just had a huge cup of coffee or candy and was going to crash shortly. Luckily I didn’t ,and my workout was great but that rush felt kind of weird at first.

Berry Sleepy (Retail: 39.95/60 capsules) This pill came at a great time and it is my favorite item in the box. I usually dont have issues sleeping but for some reason a few weeks ago I just couldn’t get to sleep no matter what I tried. I figured I’d give this a try (even though I hate taking pills to help me do normal things in life) and it worked like a charm. The sample came with two pills I took two for two back to back days and it was effective. I am considering purchasing the full size product, though I worry about depending on pills for sleep. This pill combines sleep inducing fruits to help with falling asleep and sleeping longer. Something you should definitely want to look into if you are having trouble sleeping.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I think for the price (10.00 bucks/ no shipping) you get a good mix/variety of samples and it is definitely worth the money. This box focuses on giving you all you need to tech a healthier more fit version of your self.  However a few of the samples that come in the box are difficult to gauge whether it is effective in what it says to do with the small/sample amount that is provided. Because of that I give this box 3.5 out of 5 since I was only able to interact well and gauge about 3 of the products.

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*disclaimer: I received this box for free to review. My thoughts/opinions are my own*



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