70 Smart Ways To Save Money
As the summer comes to a close (sadly) now's the time to kick up your saving regimen into full gear. Everyone's situation is different and saving money isn't just one cookie cutter routine. It's always important to start saving using aspects in your life as opposed to trying to follow some one size fits all full post
How To Lighten Hair Without Using Bleach
FTC: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Even though the summer is almost over, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy light hair. I hate winter and one of my favorite ways to be a rebel against such a horrid season is to go against the grain. This means rocking full post
A Complete List Of Student Loan Forgiveness Programs
FTC: This post is not sponsored and I am not a financial advisor. All thoughts and opinions are my own!  We're still talking student loans as per usual, but today we're getting a little more specific. I've told you how to go about inquiring about student loan forgiveness, and then we stepped into the deets full post
What You Need To Know About the Navient Lawsuit
*I am not a financial advisor, simply providing some 411 for you to make better financial decisions * Incase you didn't know there is a Navient lawsuit in the works, and I'm here to spill the tea on what that means for you and your student loans. RELATED POSTS: 5 Ways To Take Control Of full post
How To Get Student Loan Forgiveness
FTC: This post is not sponsored. I am not a financial advisor. Just offering some friendly advice to help you get your life!  If you are battling student loan debt, chances are that you are highly invested in finding out information on how to get student loan forgiveness. I get tons of questions about this full post
10 Most Instagramable Cities To Visit Around The World
I'm not always a big fan of "doing it for the gram" because I genuinely like to unplug for the most part. However I'm no stranger to posting a bomb trail vacation pic with a witty caption (usually by Drake) and going about my business. When choosing your vacation destination of course you want to full post
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