Three Ways Millennials Waste Time & How To Fix It
Let me just come straight out and say it; No one wastes my own time better than myself. I am well aware of the mess I often get myself into when I let procrastination get the best of me. And that my lovelies... is quite often. Drowning is an art form that I am very full post
26 Budget Friendly Date Ideas From A To Z
Summer is just around the corner and for some of you that are boo'd up this one's for you. Dating during any of the seasons can be challenging (and even if you aren't dating but just want to go out some where) the summertime is always the hardest. People usually have more free time (though full post
Millennial Questions 101: Should You Pay Student Loans Or Build A Savings
      I am lawyer hear me roar!!!! So what does that mean? I spent many years in school developing a wealth of knowledge, and like many of my black and just middle class counter parts, an even wealthier wealth of debt. I graduated law school at 26 and well over six figures in debt. Luckily full post
Student Loan Terms You Need To Know
Since I'm an actual real teacher I thought it was absolutely necessary to help bring you up to speed when it comes to student loan terms you need to know. The biggest issue (well one of them) when it comes to student loans, is misinformation/lack of knowledge. I've heard countless of times: "if I full post
6 Alternatives Now That Eco Styler Gel Is Cancelled
FTC: This post is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links. All weird thoughts and quirky opinions are my own.  Well... tides in the natural hair community sure do change rather quickly. As of late, it looks like the tides are no longer in favor of a highly celebrated natural hair staple: Eco Styler Gel. full post
The Ultimate Girl’s Weekend Getaway Packing List
I love to travel. It is in my top 3 favorite things to do, however I hate packing. I hate packing so much that I usually leave it to last minute (I've packed for a 7 day trip to Europe hours before the flight). Luckily I've never really had any major packing fiascos that have full post
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