meet the lovely ladies behind trials n tresses

Trials n’ Tresses made its debut in May 2013 in order to bring forth more than just a routine hair website. Trials n’ Tresses was created to show the good, bad, beautiful and difficult realities of going natural and being natural in today’s society. We are a brand concerned with all aspects of a well balanced life, therefore we bring more than just hair care to the table. Balance is key and we are excited to give you our point of view and inside scoop on all things that you want to hear about. From up and coming artists, fashion designers, and product reviews we will be your one stop location for everything that interests you.

The co-founders of Trials n’ Tresses began their hair journey at different times but collectively decided they wanted to bring a different aspect to the natural hair community. They noticed that many natural hair websites were just that… websites. The co-founders of Trials n’ Tresses thrive off of the interaction from their audience. You speak loud and clear… and they listen! They value their audience’s voices and take the time to respond to comments, concerns, topics, and suggestions. Both Shakira and Melissa take the time to think about what it is that has benefited them on their journey not only to becoming natural but in their general lives as well. Anything from a shopping deal, good movie review, or amazing hair product they have decided to open up and share these opportunities with you.

meet Shakira

Shakira was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and is a graduate of Adelphi University. She received her last relaxer in December 2011 but truly feels her hair journey began in March 2012. With months and months of difficult transitioning she decided to big chop her own hair in December 2012. With nothing but fear holding her back she bravely took the scissors and cut the relaxed ends right off with the fear. “Going natural was a difficult decision but deciding to finally finish my transitioning was an even bigger decision that I am glad I made. I never felt more free and more like me then in my current state”. Shakira hopes that Trials n’ Tresses will be the source of hope for many girls facing the same fears she once had about jumping into society as a natural haired woman. “I wanted to give people a home. That is why I wanted to create Trials N’ Tresses. I wanted people to feel that they had an out or a back up system when they were doubting something along their journey”

meet Melissa

Melissa was born and raised in Queens, New York and is also a graduate of Adelphi University. Her final relaxer was in March 2012 and did not decide to fully embrace the natural hair movement until July 2012. With almost a year of fully transition Melissa removed the remaining relaxed ends in February 2013 and was terrified of what others would say when she walked outside with the least amount of hair she’s ever had. “I don’t think I was really afraid of what other’s would say. I was more afraid of what I would think when I looked in the mirror”. She has since accepted her decision to fully dive in to the natural community without looking back at what was but embracing what is yet to come. “It took me a long time to realize that hair really is just hair. It doesn’t define who I am and I really just want to help others get to that same realization. That’s why I jumped on board to Trials N’ Tresses. To help people find their own voice and reason as to why they decided to take this journey”

Both young women have dedicated themselves to helping others reach their full potential with as much guidance and support as possible. Trials N’ Tresses stands by one distinct motto: “Be You”. That is the most natural state you can be in and that is what we promote here!

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