Twenty seven days left! I know I know all my posts seem to be counting down to something as of late but… like I’ve mentioned before I’m so excited for 2018. I’m turning 30 (blah), Trials N’ Tresses is turning 5, Millennial In Debt will be expanding content, and best of all we are going to be getting our whole lives and saving tons of money together!

As we take several steps towards financial freedom we have to stop and reflect on a few things. As I share with you


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10 Crazy Things I Don’t Waste Money On

1. Extensive Makeup: When I say “extensive” make up I really just mean makeup that is beyond my means and out of my budget… which for the most part is pretty much all makeup. People often turn their noses down at “drug store” brands or brands that are more affordable, but the truth of the matter is a great skin care regimen and proper application will still give you the same slay/beat. So I’m not spending 60 dollars on foundation or 30 dollars on make up brushes when I can get fairly decent products at a much lower price point.

2. Bi- Weekly Nail Visits: This was my thing in high school, and then when I got to college I stopped my foolishness. However now that I’m a bit older with a more steady paycheck I always find myself saying, getting my nails done is a much easier/ cheaper way to treat myself then buying something more expensive. However… that nail bill can surely add up. What I’ve “allowed” myself to indulge in for a brief amount of time is getting my nails done once every 4-6 weeks. This depends on of course what is going on in life. (Whether it is the holidays, a birthday or vacation). If not I just stick to doing my nails myself at home.

3. Waxing: Ladies… waxing every 4-6 weeks at 30-60 dollars a pop is a total drain on the pocket. However I didn’t want to wax myself (there’s certain types of torture I just simply can not get on board with) and shaving was making me miserable. So I opted for laser hair removal a year ago and have enjoyed the fruits of that labor. However laser hair removal can be pretty pricy as well, especially when you don’t go the Groupon route… (which I did not). If laser hair removal is too costly, and you don’t have a BAE to fund your waxing… just shave. Same results just a bit more annoying. In the end you’ll be saving a ton of money for better use at a later time.

4. Eyelash Extensions: Uh… just no. Ive never gotten on board with this and NEVER will, no matter how much money I have. Not looking down on anyone who does get eyelash extensions, in fact I’m here to help you. If you can’t get on board with the lashes you were born with you’ve got two options. You can opt for one of those fancy mascara’s that help boost up the lashes you have (usually through use of fibers), or you can do your own eye lash extensions. Head over to you Youtube and practice with cheaper extensions. Once you’ve mastered the technique you can get a more extensive pair of extensions and do them yourself. This will save you money in the long run and time at some point as well.

5. Meal Prepped Meals: No matter how many deals these “meal prepped” meals are advertising it still is not going to be cheaper than if you went grocery shopping yourself and meal prepped your own meals. Sure it may take just a bit more time, but you will be in charge of your own health (you’ll know exactly what is going in to your food) and your own money. Even the best meal prep meals I’ve seen that charge 3-7 dollars a meal per  day are more costly than if you go and spend 30-50 dollars at the grocery store.

6. Facials: Similar with #4, I’ve never been a professional facial girl. And yes I know Groupon does offer some great deals on facials, but think of it in the long run. You can give yourself a facial at home and still get bomb fleeky skin. I say save the professional facials for special occasions and DIY it the rest of the time. Your wallet will thank you.

7. Hair Extensions: This is hard for me, because I love love love to change my hair every five minutes. Really good, high quality hair is expensive. And although it lasts for a very long time, upkeep, maintenance, and re-installation prices can add up. Especially if you are protective styling 4-6 times a year. My solution to saving money on hair expenses is cutting costs where ever I can DIY something. I learned to crochet braid myself, and swapped out for synthetic wigs. I’ve also decreased my protective styling for the year and focused more on the health of my natural hair with styles that essentially cost me nothing.

8. Latest Smartphone: This has been one of the biggest changes in my budget. I stopped updating my phone every year. This has been extremely hilarious to my friends, but an effective way for me to save. I kept my iPhone 5 for 2 whole years and only upgraded because of a killer deal and my phone was on its way to immediate  death. My iPhone 6 is going on 3 years and is holding on as best as it can. You don’t need to update your phone every year… and by the looks of my iPhone 6 it would see that you don’t need to update every two years either.

9. Uber EATS: Besides Uber EATS no longer being on my agenda, eating out also has come to pretty much a stand still. Don’t get me wrong I still eat out from time to time and oder Uber EATS when necessary, but it only absolutely when necessary. I prefer to buy groceries and cook for myself. This way I also have no one to blame but myself for what goes into my body.

10. Clothes for every occasion: I was talking with a friend the other  day about how little I dress up and have no cause to buy new shoes (even when they are on sale) because I only wear Converses to work. This is when I realized that I subconsciously stopped buying clothes all of the time just because I had a birthday dinner to go to, or a party to attend. Besides no longer partying, I’ve just been reusing what I already have and making it fabulous as possible. You don’t need new clothes for every event that you attend.

I’d love to hear the 10 crazy things you don’t spend money on below, so I can steal them and do the same! Share your answers below!  You can also use our graphic above to jot down your ideas and keep em as a reminder for yourself going into the new year!