It seems as tho I’ve left you hanging for far too long. It’s been quite some time since I first told you about 10 ways your smartphone can make you money, and now I’ve got 10 more ways/apps that will continue to help you collect extra coins.

10 More Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You Money

1. iPinion: This app is looking for your opinion on things (hence the name) and they pay you heavily for it. Well relatively speaking compared to other survey/marketing apps. Surveys run for about 450 points (each 1.00 equals 100 points). So there are some surveys that can provide you with up to 4.50 just for your opinion. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

2. IQ: IQ is a fairly new app and does require you to answer some survey questions but it is different from iPinion in that it is only one question instead of several survey like questions. The one question equates to 1.00 which is still a pretty great value for answering one question. The thing is they send you questions every few days so you don’t always have access to a question at all times. Another great thing is that you can choose to do 50 cent questions (to get more than just a few every now and then) and the payment is automatic via Paypal.

3.Field Agent: Field agent takes the survey type question app thing and moves it to another level. Instead of just answering questions Field Agent is based on activities and tasks. The app uses your location and the actives and tasks can be found in stores in your area. You  can take surveys go on scavenger hunts and so much more. Each payout averages about 4.00 and the payment via Paypal has no minimum required to get your hands on the cash you’ve earned.

4. Panel Ap: My co worker told me about this app a few days ago, and I am so excited to get started with it. He has had great experiences with this app and has gotten his hands on large lump sums of money. Panel Ap gives you the opportunity to take in person surveys and hands on with new gear. He has gotten the chance to try out thing like new Canon cameras and so much more. Definitely try out Panel Ap if you like giving people your opinions on different goods.

5. Perk: Is a super popular app and I don’t know how I missed it for so long. Perk is a free app that you earn points on when you search the internet, shop, share things on social media, and watch videos. The reward points get turned into gift cards or airline miles for use.

6. Easy Shift: Easy shift allows you to take photos and give your opinion on different products. Your opinion gets you to the next level of “shifts” and to higher paying assignments. They only offer options through Paypal.

7. Gym Pact: This app is so extremely interesting. You sign up and pay a small fee. You then set how often you’ll be heading to the gym, and how long you’ll be there. If you meet your goals you win back some money from people who didn’t reach their goal. So friendly competition and money sound like a great thing to me.

8. App Trailers: App Trailers pays you to watch ads for upcoming films soon to be released. Watching movie trailers and get paid what more could you ask for? There are also opportunities to watch trailers for apps (which I don’t like so much) but extra money is extra money. If you  upload your own movie to the app… you earn even more! So this is great for the creative type as well.

9. Feature Points: works really well for people who like trying new apps. You earn points for downloading free apps. Paypal is offered if you want the monetary value or cash in on gift cards or iTunes. Referring others to the app also gets you bonus points for your account.

10. Iconzoomer: Is my new fave app because it consists of me doing what I already do (and most of you already do it as well) Taking pictures of food, products…etc anything that is trending is my forte, and this app rewards me for that. The payment comes as either monetary reimbursement or actual products.

Making extra money is always a good thing and so is getting things for free. If you missed any of my posts about how to get things for free even if you aren’t a blogger you are missing out. Here are 6 ways to get free stuff, and once you’ve tried all of those I’ve got 5 more ways for you to get free stuff as well.

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