I am an avid avid avid reader and I’m still working on finishing up my top 40 books to read for the summer. But since I teach and pretty much disconnect from television for 10 months out of the year I like to give my self the summer to watch the latest trendy shows that have been sweeping the nation and sending social media into a frenzy on a weekly basis.

After many many summers (especially this one) I’ve finally compiled a list of 10 binge worth shows that you should be watching or at least binge watching when you find the time to do so.

10 Shows You Should Be Binge Watching

shameless-showtime-550x8071. Shameless– (Showtime /Sundays 9pm): One of my absolute all time favorite shows in the world (almost to an obsessive level), this show is NOT for the faint of heart. You get a face to face look at what it is like growing up in SouthSide Chicago (though the show is filmed in California) with a very dysfunctional family that just can’t seem to get a break. IF you are easily offended this one won’t be for you. But if you like crass dirty jokes/humor with definite moments that pull at your heart strings you may want to give this show a try.

game-of-thrones2. Game Of Thrones- (HBO/ Sundays 9pm): Sigh… I fought for so long not to bite the bullet that is Game Of Thrones. I fought for 5 long years (well I kind of started watching it in 2013 unsuccessfully as well) and lost. This show is also NOT NOT NOT for the faint of heart as their catch phrase is “All Men Must die” and they mean it! This show is extremely addicting once you get past the fact that there are about 97234287 characters and story lines you need to follow. But not for long… because… “All Men Must die”. You’ve been warned.

scandal-logo3. Scandal (ABC/ Thursdays 9pm): I am weary of adding Scandal to this list because of what it has become. But see for yourself. The first two (maybe three) seasons are golden, but the end of season 4 solidifies that Shonda is going to have to do some big things in season 5 to keep fans interested and entertained. If you like drama, deceit,  and sexy politics than Scandal is for you.

Wayward-Pines4. Wayward Pines (FOX/ Wednesdays 9pm): I started watching Wayward Pines (it only has one season/ 10 episodes) because of the constant commercials I saw for it as I binge watched Empire. I was pleasantly surprised, pleased and then let down. But thats a good thing we na show can evoke all those emotions in one season right? This show turned very Walking Dead very fast, but the intellectual suspense is pretty gripping. Atleast for the first half of the season. I was disappointed with the season finale (M. Night Shamalan produced it so no surprise) but I’m willing to give this show another go for the second season if it gets renewed.

vibe-new-orange-is-the-new-black-season-2-shots5. Orange Is The New Black (Netflix Original Series) : This is another show I fell in love with in the beginning because of how different and raw it was. Season 3 was a bit of an upset but I’m still open to hearing more of Piper Chapman’s story in a woman’s correctional facility facing all these other powerful women whose stories are beautifully tragic.

House_of_Cards_Season_1_Poster6. House Of Cards (Netflix Original Series): Often labeled as “Scandal for Smart People” House of Cards may very well be just that. It is very well written and focuses more on the devious dirty work that is politics vs. the sexiness that Scandal offers. Season three… also a bit of a let down but I have faith in Frank’s ability to manipulate the Constitution and everyone else around him. House Of Cards does have a slow build in the beginning and can be a bit difficult to follow but once you get about half way into the season you are vested and in for one hell of a ride.

showposter7. Ray Donovan (Showtime/ Sundays 9pm): I’m always down for everything Live Shrieber. He is the “male Olivia Pope” in Ray Donovan and deals with a load of issues due to his tortured past and “line of work”. While trying to balance a family and his “work” this season has definitely been the most developing for Ray’s character. Definitely a show I recommend you waiting to watch when season three wraps up so you can see the full growth and story line play out.

771206_orig8. Masters Of Sex (Showtime/ Sundays 10pm): I’m on and off again with Masters of Sex for various reasons but when I’m on it is totally worth the brain power required to binge watch. I’m currently about a season behind but the first two seasons are all about Dr. Masters and Virginia’s relationship evolving as well as the development behind the study of sex. Thank God For Bill Masters and Virginia in real life who helped pave the sexual revolution.

a74b4fa2b4c70372b3d5c693d66e8f9b9. Empire (FOX/ Wednesdays 9pm): I’m cringing as I type this because I’m not only torn but I’m also weary about placing this on the list. Empire is definitely entertaining and is an absolute guilty pleasure but thats about it for me. I’m not a big enough fan to watch on a week to week basis and I’m okay with falling a few seasons behind. This is a “Hip Hop Glee” in my opinion but it is my duty to bring you all aspects of TV that may interest you. Side note: Taraji P is pretty great as a ghetto baby mama.

Walking-Dead-AMC10. The Walking Dead (AMC/ Sunday 9pm): Let me just be clear that I no longer watch the Walking Dead because of the rapidness in which characters die. Which is odd because I love love love Game Of Thrones. But I did watch the first three seasons of The Walking Dead and while it is difficult to attach to any one particular character the overall story line is decent enough to follow and stay interested in.

Honoroable mentions: Power, How To Get Away With Murder

binge watchingAre there any shows you think should make the list? Share your thoughts below.


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