We are at week 8 of our #TNTMoneySavingChallenge and have total pot of $ 388.00 dollars. Not too shabby for just 8 weeks of saving under 56 bucks a week. Our TNT Money Saving Challenge registrants have been getting some inside scoop on how to save their coins effectively and lower their spending. But we didn’t want to keep everyone out of the loop! So we’re sharing our top 10 ways we’ve been personally using for the past few months to actually get paid a little extra while we are spending minimally and saving money! Who doesn’t like getting back double right? And the best part… most of these ways simply involve your smart phone and don’t require you to do much more than you are already doing in your regular life. So instead of me babbling on… let’s hop right into it.

10 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You Money

1. Ebates: If you haven’t signed up for Ebates yet you really don’t know what you are missing. And they have moved beyond just a desktop website and can be used on your smartphone or tablet to fit all of your shopping last minute needs. You shouldn’t be doing any digital shopping without first signing up for Ebates. Why? In simplest terms you get cash back percentages based on the store you are shopping at online. Best thing… lately Ebates has been doubling and tripling some of these percentages to give you back an even bigger cut! I’ve made a nice amount of money over the years using Ebates especially during holiday and birthday times! So hop to it! Sign up for Ebates is quick and easy and you get a bonus just for signing up! 

2. Receipt Hog: I just started using Receipt hog this month and I’m absolutely in love with it. Why? Because all you need is literally just the receipts from wherever you shop. It is not store specific and they take receipts from just about everywhere (except restaurants). It has a free app available for both Android & Apple and you earn coins based on the amount of receipts you upload (20 receipt limit a week) and how much you’ve spent. You can then convert those coins into cash to be deposited into your Paypal account or receive Amazon gift cards! Seems easy enough and a great way to save up cash for holiday gift buying/giving time.

3. Checkout 51: I’ve mentioned/blogged about Checkout 51 before but I thought I’d add a few more thoughts about this app since I’ve been using it for a little while longer now. I’ve been using Checkout51 for about 4 months and have earned about 5.00 bucks and I’ll tell you why. Checkout 51 offers the option to buy your products at any store, but they can some times be strange items that aren’t always on my list. What I do like is every week they have an option to choose an item of your choice, usually some type of fruit or produce. Other than that it may take you a little while to start seeing some big bucks from Checkout51 as they have a 20.00 threshold that you must meet before you can collect payment and I don’t frequently buy what’s on the list( FYI: they are great with household cleaning supplies so if you frequently by cleaners like Windex and Fabuloso you’re in luck)

4. Ibotta: Ibotta is very similar to Checkout 51 in which you buy certain items and upload the receipt to get some cash back. Small differences are with Ibotta it is store specific and the item that you have purchased has to be scanned with the uploading of your receipt. It is a two step process but they offer a much wider range of products than Checkout51 and are paired up with the heavy hitters like Target, Walmart, Waldbaums…etc. Sucks for me a bit because they don’t have items from Trader Joes which is where I frequent but Ibotta also offers you opportunities to earn cash back by watching short videos,  or answering short survey questions to unlock bonus rebates.

5. Saving Star: Saving star is pretty freaking awesome because it lets you link your grocery store rewards cards all in one place (if you’re like my mother you have about 40 rewards cards on one keyring!) and earn discounts/ cash back every time you shop and use those reward cards to buy certain items. Bonus! Best part about saving star besides the cash back on your rewards card, is that you can cash out with a minimum of 5 bucks!  Saving star offers you your money via Amazon, Paypal or a simple bank transfer. They couldn’t make it any easier if they tried.

6.  Shopkick: Ahhh what a godsend. So here’s how it works with Shopkick. By walking into certain stores you get “kicks” or scanning certain items in that store you get more “kicks” You don’t even need to make a purchase 95 percent of the time. Some stores offer extra kicks for specific purchases but the main point is… you can actually be making money for just “window shopping”! How dope is that! Your “kicks” or points can be used for various prizes or rewards. That is by far my absolute favorite part/perk! I can get free stuff without spending a dime and walk around doing my daily duties in various stores I already frequent like Target, Walmart, Grocery stores, and other department stores.

7. Snap: Snap was created by Groupon and is also very similar to the set up of iBotta, Checkout51  and Saving Star. You snap a picture of your receipt if you have qualifying items from the list that they provide. What I like about this app is the same thing I like about Checkout51… you don’t have to go to a specific store to get particular items. What is better than Checkout51 is the products available for cash back opportunities such as toothpaste, pasta, toilet paper…etc. Snap also seems to be the front runner in the cash back amount. Most of these apps offer cents in return (25/50cents…etc) but this app is offering whole dollars which means you get more cash in your hands at a quicker pace. I’m truly loving this app (one of my new faves) but word to the wise some times the offers are “all gone” or sold out. Which means they aren’t offering any more cash back for that particular item. This app also has a 20 dollar threshold before you can collect cash, but with more whole dollar amounts being offered you get there much faster.

8. Berry Cart: In my search to be a happier healthier version of myself during the TNT Summer Ready Challenge I stumbled onto this too cool new app Berry Cart that offers you rebates and cash back on (get this): Healthy Natural Food! Whoa! Go figure right! But its more to it than just that. This app offers you specific products to buy but it doesn’t need to be from a particular store. What I truly love the best about this app is you can input your zip code and it will point you to several stores in your area that you can find many of the products from. Alot of times I never even know where to look or begin to find truly organic healthy food (besides Trader Joes of course) and I was amazed to see how fully crowded the map was in my area. They offer gluten free products, vegan, vegetarian, and much more as different products for sale. I just got started with this app but it is definitely going to get some use during the TNT Summer Ready Challenge and hopefully beyond that as well.  Berry Cart allows small cashouts of as low as 5.00 dollars and the money is transferred to your Paypal account.

9. Top Cash Back: Top Cash back has a similar set up as Ebates does in which they offer you cash back for shopping online at certain retailers. How do they differ then right? What’s the point in using Ebates & Top Cash back? Well for starters you cover more ground. Sometimes Ebates doesn’t have the store I’m shopping from (rarely… but it does happen) and thats where Top Cash Back comes in. Not only do I manage to cover all my basis whenever I’m shopping online at just about any store… but get this…ready… Top Cash back has the highest cash back value/rate on the internet. So that means even if Ebates does have the store I’m looking for… if Top Cash Back also has it… I often purchase through them to get more bang for my buck. If you’r going to spend… you might as well spend wisely where you will feel less guilty. You can get your money directly deposited, or sent through your PayPal. If you choose to accept their Amazon gift cards as payment you win even more.. by getting 2.5 percent more money!

10. Mr. Rebates: Is another cash back program similar to Ebates & Top Cash Back. This program offers coupons as well as a wide variety of store options based on your interests and likes.

So there you have it 10 ways your smartphone can help save you money. These apps used in a combined process (maybe not all of them I’m currently at about 6-7 on and off again) will help bring some extra coin in your pocket for that extra gift you need to purchase in time for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary. Have you used any of these apps/programs before? If so what was your experience?

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*This post contains affiliate links that in no way shape or form have affected my honest opinion about each program/app*