In my early 20’s I stayed pretty local… and by pretty local I mean… I pretty much stayed in NYC. It’s home, it’s familiar and I had’t gained the ideal that I would much rather spend money on experience than on things. When I turned 25 I realized that I was living a “dream”. I didn’t have any major bills (besides my school loans which are pretty major in themselves),  I had a full time job, and no children or significant other to support. So I started thinking what the hell am I using my money on if not on experience.

I started my 25th birthday in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship with my family. I had so much fun. I visited four different countries on that cruise and had a blast. So I wanted to experience that feeling more often, because I work hard… and I honestly deserve it! And so do you…


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Even if you are not in your 20s these places are absolute places you should definitely visit whenever you get the chance. But if you are a millennial in your 20s… this list is especially for you! These 20 places to travel in your 20s will change how you see so many things in life and they it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I’ve got about 18 months left before I’m no longer in the 20s club (depressing as shit) and I won’t get to all 20 places before then… but I’m definitely working on making a huge dent in that list by by the time my 30th birthday rolls around in August 2018! (Omg… starts to hyperventilate)

places to travel in your 20s

20 Places To Travel In Your 20s

places to travel in your 20s

1. Thailand

2. Brazil

3. New Orleans

4. Seattle

5. Denver

6. Washington DC

7. South Africa

8. Tokyo

9. Spain

10. London

11. Paris

12. Italy

13. Croatia

14. Denmark

15. Costa Rica

16. Cancun

17. Honduras

18. New York

19. Miami

20. Toronto

I’ve got tons of traveling to get done and I can’t wait to start putting a huge dent in this list. What’s your dream destination? Share your travel dreams below!  You can also follow our Travel Guide pinterest board below for more travel tips tricks and beautiful images!


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