I am always down for an adventure. But depending on the adventure, it can cost quite a bit of money. But when you have a ton of student loans, adventures often come far and between. There are times when I ball out… and there are times when I don’t even leave my house because I just can’t afford to spend a single dollar. That is the unfortunate delicate balance I have had to set up in my life in order to stay afloat and continue to make a dent into this principle.

After doing some extensive research (a few Google searches and ingenuity/imagination) I realized that I don’t always have to stay home in order to avoid spending any money. Because honestly… honestly guys… even when I stay home having access to the internet doesn’t really make it all that safe. I can spend a ton of money internet shopping (especially on Amazon).


Student Loans 101: Paying Off The Principle
How I Paid 35000 In Student Loans In Two Years 

One of my goals for my 29th year is to spend more frugally and less frivolously. Which means putting myself on a strict budget specifically in the fall/winter months. I’ve become pretty good and keeping myself from spending on a week to week basis, but sometimes I fail. That is usually because I feel sad and deprived… which isn’t a reason to go on a spending spree. Trust me… you’ll regret it and your sadness will only temporarily disappear… until the credit card bill is due.

Instead of being a hermit and depriving myself of human interaction I’ve curated the following list for you (and for myself) so I can have a good rotation of things to do on a no spend weekend.

20 Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend

Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend


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