In the beginning of November co founder Shakira asked me to join her in a 21 day complain free challenge. I immediately said yes, and thought about the difficulty in this challenge after. 2016 has been an interesting year to say the least. Of course it has come with its ups and downs as every year does, but this year was a definite year of knowledge. With every incident or event that I overcame, I learned a lesson.

During this 21 day complain free challenge, I felt lighter and lighter every day. When you stop complaining about things you can not control, you start focusing on the positive. It wasn’t easy, and I did have 1-2 slip ups in which I caught myself rather quickly. I created a soundtrack of positivity around me (heavily infused with Chance the Rapper and The Internet) that made even the most stressful of New York City train commutes a pleasant humorous experience.

I’m usually not one to jump on the bandwagon of challenges because I don’t feel they always truly work.  Which is why in creating this challenge for you lovelies, we included all things that we can do ourselves with our hectic schedules. By making this challenge simple and straight forward, we’re hoping you will be able to head into it full force and come out successful on the other end. When the 21 days of this challenge are over, we’re hoping you will be entering 2017 with a positive energy that will help clarify your goals, and place you in a positive mind set.

So here are the deets on the 21 Day Challenge: Straighten Your Crown For The New  Year 

21 Day Challenge:

Straighten Your Crown For The New Year

Dates: December 11th- December 31st
Sign Up Here: Registration Opens December 5th

What you’ll need: Your self! That’s it! Just bring your open mind and open heart. Oh… and your crown duh! We’re going to help you get it on straight and keep it on!

What you can expect: Daily affirmations, tips on meditation, 21 days of guidance/assistance,

We’ll have daily reminders and positivity on all social media platforms. Trust me… we’ve got you and you’ve got this! If you aren’t following already you’ll want to keep up with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Here you’ll find daily motivation, inspiration and more. You can also share your thoughts and feelings for the day using the hashtag #TNTStraightenYourCrown !