I’ve never been one for celebrating black history month, because I come from the firm belief that black history should be celebrated and acknowledged every month of the year. However, during black history month I do take particular steps to further increase my knowledge beyond my regular attempts throughout out the year. I try to avoid the common black history month celebrations that pop up everywhere simply for 28 days. Instead I prefer to celebrate in a unique way or at least a pretty dope way. So I’m sharing 15 of the most dope ways to celebrate black history month 2018. You can take your pick, do one, do them all, do them every day if you feel like! And don’t forget to share the wealth with your friends, family members, and co workers too!

black history month 2018

15 Dope Ways To Celebrate Black History Month 2018

1. Go See Black Panther: Oh… this may not be “unique” but this is 1000 percent going to be one of the dopest Marvel moments in history and it just so happens to be happening during black history month. I don’t know if they planned it this way on purpose (survey says: they probably did) and I don’t care. Black Panther has already set records and it hasn’t even hit the big screen yet. So I for one WILL be seeing this film at least 2-3 times in February and I suggest you do the same. (None of that Kodi business for this one ya’ll … go out and support this miledstone)

2. Support Black Owned Businesses: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… the bad taste you have in your mouth about “black owned business” is complete and utter BS! I’ve had great experiences with black owned business and I’ve had terrible experiences with black owned business. However it is not any worse than bad experiences I’ve had at other places of business. I try to support black owned businesses whenever I have to make several purchases (whether for gifts or for myself). If I can find a similar product to what I’m looking for at about an equal price point I tend to go towards the black owned business. There are tons of black owned business that offer a variety of products and services. During black history month, take some time out and spend your coin methodically. You may find it is easier than you think, and can transition into frequenting them more often during the year.


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3. Educate Yourself: We already know that our education system isn’t giving us all the details. Instead we get painted half truths. Like I said at the beginning I try to educate myself more often during black history month, because knowledge is power. You can visit your local library, museum, theaters…etc to find out more information about black culture, and black history. There is more than just what Google can offer (though Google can be a great start).

4. Visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture:  This is one of my GOALS no matter what month it may be. During Black History Month its may be extremely difficult to get into the museum, but it is still worth a shot. I’ve heard that this museum is simply breath taking, and the visit itself is worth the visit.

5. Binge Watch Classic Black Movies: Grab your homies or your BAE, and instead of a Netflix and Chill night, make it a classic black movie night. (25 Of The Greatest Black Movies Every Young Adult Should See).

6. Eat Out: There are tons of black owned restaurants popping up all over the country. (Particularly in New York and LA) Take the time out during Black History Month 2018 to visit one or two of them with your friends or significant other. You might find that you end up falling in love with a new restaurant and taste some pretty delicious food.

7. Donate to an HBCU: HBCUs don’t often get the funding they deserve, and supporting an HBCU during Black History Month (or any month really). Help our HBCUs stay afloat, and give students who can’t afford it, an opportunity to earn scholarships and grants.

8. Support a black non profit: Besides supporting HBCUs financially, you can also support a black owned non profit that supports black youth. I am a teacher in NYC, and I can tell you the non profits that we have to help the youth are struggling to stay in business. There are not many people or companies running out to support black owned non profits , so as with most things we have to support our selves. Even the smallest of donations can be helpful.

9. Visit a historically black area in your state: If you cant make it to the museum, and your strapped on cash. Lets be honest here,  we can’t always spend as loosely as we want even if it is to donate to a good cause. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in other ways. You can look up and visit historically black areas in your state (well… some states will be easier than others obviously). For example in NYC visiting Harlem would be a great opportunity to see the roots and history that was a part of the Harlem Renaissance, without costing you a penny.

10. Celebrate the unsung black heroes: As I stated previously, during Black History Month you need to educate yourself even more than usual. This will help you (and myself included) to celebrate the unsung black heroes that do not get the notice and accolades that they should. Of course we love our black heroes that have helped pave the way, we also want to bring others to the forefront, because every single person involved in black culture deserves praise for their hard work and effort.

11. Read: I know our time is valuable, and sometimes we just can’t get around to it. But… reading good black literature does something to the soul. Take the time out to read even just ONE book by a black author. And if you’ve got a library card it will cost you nothing. You may not even have to leave your home (the library has an app for your tablet).

12. Support Black Art: Besides visiting the museum in DC, you can visit other local black artists that are displaying their art around your area. If you go on the internet you can also find other black artists that are making dope art and selling online. Make a purchase and hang it on your way year round. There will be very few other pieces elsewhere like the one you have in your home, and you’ve helped support spreading the awareness of black art/ black excellence.

13. Learn something new about the black experience and community: In your quest for knowledge, make an effort to learning something new (every day if possible) about the black experience or community. Learn about a new artist, a painter, a creator, a scientist…etc. Do research on different black experiences in theater, music, art, and other industries. Find out how we got to where we are and why we do things the way we do.

14. Share Your Stories: Not only should your stories, you should also take the time out to sit down with your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents if you are so blessed. Listen to their stories, listen to what they have to say. You will find out so much information about life, about history, just from listening to your elders. I am blessed to have both my grandmothers still with me, and when I sit down and talk to them/listen to them I learn more than I ever could expect to learn from any book.

15. Do something to celebrate and remember: The last dope way is not a cop out I promise you. It is more so leaving your journey during this Black  history Month up to you. Do something this month that celebrates black history month in your own way. Make it a moment to remember and make it yours.

How will you be celebrating black history month 2018 this year? Share your stories, pics and ideas with us in the comment section below!