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These are really my fave posts to write because they have been so helpful to so many of you. As we start off the third month of 2018, I’ve gotten a few questions, comments, and concerns about side hustling and making extra money. In one of my previous posts/talks I mentioned that in order for you to pay off bigger amounts of your debt you essentially need to make more money. This is a statement I still stand by, and very much believe in. All the saving in the world will not be the only thing to help you pay off large amounts of your debt.


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You have to increase your income, in order to throw more of it towards the principle, and still be able to live a semi decent life. Instead of my leaving you high and dry with the same old save more money adage, I’ve cultivated a very helpful (at least what I believe to be helpful) list of 25 (TWENTY FIVE) different way for you to make more money this month and all upcoming months as well.

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25 Ways To Make More Money This Month

1.Shop On Amazon (Shop Tracker): Okay this one is fairly new to me. Here’s what I do know if you’re thinking about giving it a try. You have to have a PC (I have a MAC… so I can’t use it on my computer) or you can download the app on your iPhone or Android. Once you’ve answered a few questions to see if you’ve qualified, you get a 3.00 dollar Visa gift card in 48 hours. (some people have said that they weren’t able to use the gift card, or never even received it). From then… Shop Tracker tracks your Amazon shopping history (they don’t take any of your personal information like your card number or address) and you earn reward points simply for doing what you already do- shop at Amazon all the time. Essentially from what I’ve seen/looked up, the most you can earn is 36 a year… but it’s still more than 0. You never know when that extra 36 can come in handy for a Christmas gift.

2. Surveys: Okay… I’m not the biggest proponent for surveys because I never seem to get the good ones, but I have seen many of my friends take prime surveys for well over 50-90 bucks. I somehow always seem to get the 15 cent- 1 dollar surveys and never qualify for those either (rolls eyes). My best advice for you if you want to earn some real coin taking surveys, is to do them when you’re doing nothing. If you find yourself sitting playing games on your phone, or watching TV… take a survey or ten. You’re already essentially wasting your time, you might as well make some money doing it (even if it is a small amount.. it will add up over time).

3. Invest Wisely: With the current state of the market right now I know investing may be the last thing on your mind, but it is a way for you to make some extra coin. Besides the investments my employer makes for me through my retirement fund, I also invest using Capital One Investing (which is transitioning over to E-Trade) and Acorns.  I’ve been using Acorns for about 2 years and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my money. Acorns allows you to start up with as little as 5.00 dollars, they allow you to pick how aggressively you want your money invested, and give you a guideline/framework as to how much you can expect in X amount of time. The best/ my favorite part of Acorns is it increases your investing using “Roundups” from money you’re already spending. (Ex: If you spent 2.97 on coffee, it’ll take 3 cents and round your purchase up to 3.00 dollars. That 3 cents then goes into your account to be a part of your investing fund). If you sign up for Acorns using my link you also get a bonus 5 bucks on me (plus I get 5 bucks too)! 

4. Put Your Money In A Good Savings Account: A regular degular bank does not have your best interest at heart. In previous posts I’ve mentioned several times that you should look into signing up for credit unions that offer better rates on savings accounts. I use NEFCU as my credit union. They also were my credit union of choice when I decided to finance both of my cars. My NEFCU savings account has a 1% APY.  With NEFCU I have online access to my account which means I don’t physically have to go in to the bank to do my banking. I also have a Capital One 360 account. This account is a digital account (no debit or ATM card) and also has a 1% APY yield rate. I use this account to help pay off large amounts of my student loans annually, as well as buy Christmas presents when the time is right. Either accounts will serve your money better than most banks like Chase, Citi, or Wells Fargo that usually have a .006 APY (rolls eyes… pathetic)

5. Cash Back On What You Bought: My credit card from Citi Bank started emailing me about this about two years ago and I never paid it any mind until I started getting some coins back every now and then. Certain credit cards and apps/ sites like Paribus will go though your email archives for receipts and keeps an eye out on prices for you. So if you have bought something and it is available for a cheaper price or a price drop elsewhere on the web. Then you get back the difference. Paribus and my credit card have different retailers they do this for, but using both of them help me cover most of the stores I shop at anyway! (Psst: Paribus also will help you get some compensation back if Amazon delivers a package after their deadline).

6. Sell Your Skills: Whatever it is that you are good at… you can pretty much sell it on Fiverr. This site allows you to sign up and market your self for free. Back in 2016 I was making about 300 dollars extra a month on Fiverr as a virtual assistant. It does take work and time to have people reach out to you, but once you do and start getting good ratings you will get noticed alot more often. Be sure when you set up your profile that you really market yourself well and try to stand out from the crowd. If you know that tons of people have put up a profile selling their virtual assistant skills, don’t just say you’re organized… because that won’t set you apart.

7. Sell Your Clothes, Electronics…etc: I haven’t been to successful in doing this, but again I’ve seen it done with my own two eyes by people I personally know… so I know that it is 100% possible to make extra money. I have successfully sold a few older lenses in the past, but I know one girl who has quit her job, and become a full time profitable Poshmarker… so if you want it bad enough you can make it happen. Sell the things you are no longer using so you can kill two birds with one stone. Decluttering your house, thus hopefully decluttering your mind, and making some extra money. I use PoshMark for clothes, and Offer Up and LetGo for just about everything else.

8. Dog Walking: I know this sound so cliche’ but I promise you… it’s a real deal way for you to immediately start making some money! Dog walking is a booming business especially in America because we love our dogs. Besides that people’s schedules sometimes don’t allow for them to be there to walk their dogs as much as they’d like. That’s where Rover comes in. Think of it as a site where you would go to find kids to baby sit, but instead of kids, you are finding dogs that need to be walked. This site allows you to set up your schedule/ availability, your desired rates,  and you can even dog sit if you feel comfortable doing so/ have the space to do so as well. I used Rover for a few months when I needed some extra cash and I enjoyed being around dogs (my dog did’t love it too much).

9. Shop Kick: I like an app that doesn’t really disrupt my natural order of life. Shop kick is a free app that pretty much just tracks the stores you go into and gives you “kicks” or points every time you walk into a participating stoe. You also earn extra “kicks” for scanning or purchasing certain specific items. These “kicks” rack up and can earn you some big gift cards to use for later purchases. All of this for some walking! When I didn’t have unlimited data this app was a little harder/more annoying to use because you needed to have the location constantly on. With unlimited data that is now less of a hassle for me. I will say though that it can be a bit or a drain on the battery.

10. Money Making Apps: The following mentioned apps are apps that you simply have to download and leave on your phone and do nothing. That’s it. The Nielsen Panel and Savvy Connect just need to be installed onto your phone. The longer they are installed the more money you have the potential to earn. Nielson Panel will give you 50.00 dollars per year that it is installed on your device. Add that 50 and the 36 from Shop Tracker and you’re already 86 dollars up at the end of the year for doing no extra work. Savvy Connect gives you 5 dollars per device per month that it is installed on your phone. Can you see the coins racking up?!?

11. Cash Back: We all shop… and we all wish the money we spent shopping would come back into our pockets. Well.. if you insist (and I often times do insist) on shopping you should be signed up for Ebates. IF you don’t now what Ebates is.. .I’m surely judging you. Ebates is an app/website that gives you a percentage of your money back depending on what stores you shop at. They tend to cover most stores (if not all the stores) that I shop at. It can be kind of difficult to remember to use Ebates, so they made it even easier. Installing the plugin to your browser will give you a reminder at the top of your page when you are on a site that gives cash back through Ebates. They then send back a wuartlery check with your money. It is a simple as that!

12. Sell Old Games: If you were, or still are a gamer and want to get rid of old games, consoles…etc but don’t want to be beat in the head by Gamesetop this one is for you. You can also sell your old CDs, DVD,s and any other electronics that just are no longer needed. Decluttr will be your tech bestie when it comes to getting rid of old electronics you no longer have a use for. And they send you your money pretty quickly. You can also download the app, and scan the barcodes of the items you are trying to sell so you can quickly price them accordingly.

13. Lose some weight/ get healthy: If you were looking for a way to get healthy and lose some weight… well I’ve got a 2fer for you. Healthy Wage will pay you to lose weight. Healthy Wage has wellness challenges that you can join, and when you hit your goal you win big.  What I love about this site is, you are betting on your self (who better than to bet on really). You put up a certain amount of money per month (depending on how long you’re giving yourself to achieve this goal) and the healthy lifestyle starts there. The amount of money you make depends on a few things like how much weight you are planning to lose, the time you give yourself, and how much money you throw into the pot.

14. Drive For Lyft or Uber (or Uber Eats): Driving for Lyft, or Uber would be my go to if I didn’t currently have a 2 door. If you have a 4 door car you’re pretty much in good shape. (you do have to meet a few other requirements but you’re basically heading in the right direction). I know for NYC if you want to drive in any of the five boroughs you do need a TLC license, however if you drive in Long Island or Westchester you don’t need one. Besides that, you can also drive for Uber Eats. I have several friends who have done all three, and have earned some coin doing so.

15. Rent Space on AirBnb: If you are going away on vacation, or you just have an extra couch (I’ve had friends rent couches on Air BNB before ya’ll… it’s real deal) you can rent that space on AIR BNB for some cash. If you’re okay with having strangers in your home with you, you don’t even need to be away. The first thing you need to do is sign up for AirBNB if you haven’t already. Then you apply to become a host and you are on you’re way!

16. Work From Home Customer Service jobs: These are becoming more and more popular as customer service jobs no longer need you to be in an office cubicle answering phone calls. Thanks go the rise of social media and the digital age, customer service positions are available from the comfort of your couch. It really takes nothing more than a quick google search to find work from home opportunities in the customer service field.

17. Babysit/ Dog Sit/ House sit: With vacation season coming up, people are going to need other people to take care of the responsibilities they are leaving behind. This means an increase in babysitting, housesitting, and dog sitting opportunities. Sign up for Sitter City if you can’t find anyone you know to baby sit for, and you can use Rover for dog sitting opportunities if you don’t personally know anyone with a dog.

18. Tutor Students Online: Tutoring can be a gold mind if  done correctly. I know one person who bought their first house with money they made strictly from tutoring. If you don’t know any one who has kids who need turning you can sign up for Wyzant and they will provide you with different tutoring opportunities in your neighborhood. You also have the ability to set your own schedule and set your fees.

19. Proofread: I’m an English teacher, so proofreading is kind of my thing by trade. My friends find it quite annoying when I correct their horrendous spelling and grammar in our text message threads.  And if you too have an eye for spelling/grammar errors than you can get paid for being that annoying grammar correcting friend. You can make usually about 17.00 bucks an hour, but you not only need to have a good eye for detail but also be a quick reader.

20. Sell Your iPhone Pics: I bought an iPhone X back in December, and that is still a purchase I am regretting (I hate spending money), but with this greatly improved camera I now have the opportunity to make some of that money back. FOAP is an app that lets you sell your Instagram photos. Essentially you post your photo, someone buys the license for the photo and you make about half of what the photo was sold for. This is for my peeps with the great eye, and Instagram threads shot strictly on their iPhones. I still need to work on taking artsy interesting photos with my phone, but once I’ve mastered it I’ll be signing up for this app ASAP.

21. Task Rabbit: This is also an opportunity I’ve failed miserably at… but I did try and I’m considering giving another try. Task Rabbit is essentially a web site where people post tasks that they don’t want to do themselves. I’m telling you… people’s laziness and business will always make other people coins. You sign up, enter your location and boom you’re out there hanging up curtains for someone, or waiting on line at a popular trendy restaurant (which I found out a few years ago is a whole other business in itself). The best part is that virtual tasks are becoming more and more popular on Task Rabbit which means you can sign up, make money, and never leave your house. Sounds like a win to me!

22. Work For Air BNB: I mentioned that you could become a host on AirBNB earlier, but you can also work for AIR BNB as well. The application is a bit tedious, but once you’ve gotten through that you can make 3-400 dollars extra cash. Sometimes the host of the AIR BNB doesn’t have time to clean or set up the home for the new guests, that’s where you would come in. You would be responsible for cleaning up (it’s not as terrible as it sounds I promise) and making sure the home is in good shape for the guests arrival, and after they leave. You essentially would set up your own availability and would receive a schedule that fits into your needs.

23. Online Data Entry: As long as there are people who are lazy or busy, there will always be a data entry job available. The good thing is data entry can be done remotely for the most part so you don’t need to be in an actual office. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, and that is always my favorite way to make money.

 24. Rent Your Friendship: Rent A Friend is something I had never heard of before writing this post, and I must say that initially I found it super interesting and then it worried me a bit. Rent Your Friendship allows you to rent your time to people who need a friend for a particular reason. Either to go see a movie, to give them a tour around a new city they are visiting, to attend an event…etc. It sounds very similar to without the group requirement. If you’re brave and bold enough you can make some serious cash (you can charge up to 50.00 an hour for your time). I however have a fear of being kidnappedd so… I’ll probably skip out on this one.

25. Go Thrifting and flip your products: This is another option to make some quick cash that I have never been good at. I’m terrible at thrifting, while I see my friends go and find amazing things that I never seem to be able to find. Besides thrifting you can also look in the free section of Craigslist. Pick up your product and flip it for a profit. This takes some time, practice, and a good eye/skill but once you’ve mastered it the money is there.

Hopefully these options on different ways to make more money this month were helpful for you! I hope you make all the money in the world! Let me know if you are successful or have any other ways/apps/ or sites you’ve used to make some extra cash!

millennial in debt