It is officially that time of year again! What time you may ask? Why it is my BIRTHDAY of course! Happy Birthday to me! As I wind down from my first trip to Europe (official recap should be hitting the blog this week) it is one of my favorite things to do as I celebrate the anniversary of my birth. I’ve been creating lists of  goals for as long as I can remember (13 years to be exact) and it is always so therapeutic and slightly depressing. I think what matters the most to me when making these lists is not that I reach every single goal, its that I try. On my previous list of 27 goals at twenty 7 I hit 20 out of the 27 I set for myself. Honestly as the year progressed I thought I’d accomplish maybe 15 of these goals max. I’m proud of myself that I exceeded my own expectations, and I’m intrigued by how far I’ve come and how far I still have to go.

These last 365 days of my life have been filled with ups and downs as life usually is, but it was also filled with so much growth. My 27th year seemed so stagnant most of the time. I was bored with life and always searching for something more. Searching for the “other” things I could be doing instead of focusing on what I was actually doing. But when I look back on what I’ve accomplished, what I haven’t accomplished, things I’ve said, things I’ve done. I realize that it has been one hell of a FUCKING year. And I say this not because anything tremendous happened by society’s standards. I didn’t get engaged, still not married, no offspring to claim on next year’s taxes, didn’t strike it rich, still living at home with my parents, and still paying & COMPLAINING about my student debt. My 27th year I kind of just let happen to me. I deemed it the year of the “Yes” about half way through yet still found myself saying “no” to 95 percent of things.

So why or how did I grow? I have no idea. I still fear the same things, still behave in predominantly the same manner, but I feel free. I feel like I have grown. So if I feel it… who’s to tell me that it isn’t the case? I’ve accepted changes, I’ve made amends, I’ve broken ties, and I’ve said what is on my mind 9 times out of 10. I’ve learned to lead and follow, be heard and listen, love and let live. I speak accordingly and assertively, I balance work, friends, family, hobbies, all with extreme grace. And the mere fact that I haven’t crashed and burned is in itself a victory.

I’ve also made 2 crazy changes… or what I consider to be crazy. I started calling myself a Queen… and everyone else followed suit. I also started expecting again. A few years back I stopped expecting things because I had a theory that it led to disappointment. But I was wrong. And I’m old enough now to see that I was wrong and admit it. I do expect many things now. Mostly of myself. I realize that if you do not have high expectations then you will settle for accepting nonesense, which I 100 percent have stopped doing. I expect the moon and the stars from those around me because that is what I consistently deliver. And that is my biggest accomplishment in my 27th year. Realizing my value, capitalizing on my worth and always keeping an eye on my throne.

My 28 Goals At Twenty Eight

1. Pray more often

2. Give up unnecessary shopping for 6 months

3. Go full Time Vegan

4. Pay another 1/3 of student loans

5. Wear natural hair out more often

6. Visit 3 New States

7. Leave the country again

8. Teach 3 new books

9. Keep In Contact with more friends and family

10. Decrease unhealthy snacking

11. Say more of what I’m thinking

12. Double Trials N’ Tresses audience and profits

13. Take one day off from all responsibilities once a month

14. Decrease bills/spending costs

15. Take off three days a month from social media

16. Cook a new dish once a month

17. Make better decisions about who I give my time and energy to

18. Stop saying the “N’ word

19. Stop using up all my DAMN data every month

20. Read at least one new book a month

21. Become more spiritual

22. Get involved in a community activity

23. Spend a day with my phone off once a month.

24. Consistently run for the next 12 months

25. Run a half marathon

26. Go on dates with my brothers and parents more often

27. Stop editing/ filtering my photos so often

28. Less planning… more living.

So there you have it… my 28 goals for my 28th year on the planet. This is a tall order to fill… but I’m excited to see where the journey takes me.

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2 Responses to 28 Goals At Twenty Eight #ThisIsTwenty8

  1. Hi ! I just turned 27 and I love your blog ! I love your ideas of “28 goals at 28” You just gained one more audience member so thats a step towards goal #12.