Fun Fact: Every time something concerning me gains too much attention I get nervous about the follow up. So as the time rolled around to write this annual post, I dreaded it and thought about simply just not doing it. But then… in true MEL fashion… I said FUCK it and decided to dive into it. My 28th year was quite a year. I started a new job, began a new business venture, took my first solo trip, and pretty much made a shit ton of personal mistakes because … let’s be honest that’s what I do best.

I also re-evaluated my relationships with just about everyone in my life. No one was above the re-evaluation. I wish I could say that I made some big major breakthrough that would change me and how I interacted with people… but that’s not really what happened. I find that my 28th year caught me at an interesting time. I was in the middle of failing at my “Year Of The Yes” theme, and heading into another failed New Year’s theme (which will go unnamed- if you know it you know it).


28 Goals At Twenty 8
27 Goals At Twenty 7

In re-evaluating others and myself I arrived at very few conclusions so bear with me. As I walk slowly and inevitably into the last year of my 20s (ugh… depressing to even type that shit) I leave you with my 29 goals at twenty nine.

29 Goals At Twenty Nine

1. End up on the 30 most influential individuals under 30 list (this is a reach… but I’m gonna put it on here anyway)

2. Visit Asia or Africa

3. Pay off 80% of student loans (just about there)

4. Run a half marathon

5. Successfully write & promote web series

6. Read 20 Books For Leisure

7. Move out of my parent’s house

8. Go on a family vacation

9. Spend more frugally & make less pointless purchases

10. Continue decreasing wasteful time on social media (3xs a month)

11. Cut off toxic people and negative energies

12. Improve communication and stop ignoring people (I make no promises on this one)

13. Eat Vegan 8 out of 12 months

14. Take bigger changes/risks

15. Get approved for sabbatical

16. Get more sleep (6- 8 hours… sigh)

17. Meet Chance The Rapper

18. Continue working out 4-5 times a week

19. Have writing/work recognized on a grand scale

20. Decrease amount of cursing

21. Improve my faith

22. Get a new tattoo

23. Take less selfies/photos and enjoy the moment

24. Make better time & monetary investments

25. Speak Less, Listen More

26. Create More Creative Content

27. Finish 1st book

28. Wear natural hair out more often

29. Stop going to events/ doing things I don’t want to do

And there you have it my completely utterly ambiguous list of goals for my 29th year. Hopefully I do better this year than previous years… and if I don’t… I won’t beat myself up about it! Cheers to 29!