I’m turning 30 in 9 months… HOLY FUCK! So prepare yourselves for tons of “Before 30” posts in the next few months, because that is going to be one of my coping mechanisms as dooms day approaches. Honestly… I don’t know how to feel about turning 30. Everyone tells me it is an exciting time, but really all I fear is getting wrinkles and losing my memory.

Any who… I usually create lists for my birthday as to the goals I have set up for myself for the following 365 days. This time I’m doing it a little bit differently. I’m sure I’ll still make my goals list post, but I figured I’d set up a few goals for myself before I turn the big 3 0!


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Many of the things on this list I’m either currently doing, already have done, or will try to do in the next 9 months. I know that I will fall short on achieving some of these… let’s face it I’m a realist and I know that the way my free time is set up… not everything is going to happen. Instead I choose to focus on the positive (that’s big for me… trust me) and this is how this list has formed.  (Anything I’ve already done I’ll throw an asterisk next to, just to be able to keep up with how many things I still have left to do).

30 Things To Do Before You Turn 30

*30. Sky Diving

29. Learn A New Language

*28. Take A Solo Trip

27. Run A Half Marathon

*26. Cut Off Toxic People

*25. Attend a Music Festival

*24. Chase A Dream/ Passion

*23. Create something just for your self

*22. See Your Favorite Artist Live

*21. Build A Relationship With Your Parents

20. Do Something Wild And Crazy On Vacation

*19. Get A Meaningful Tattoo

18. Learn To Play An Instrument

*17. Learn How To Cook At Least One Meal

*16. Be Utterly Obsessed With Your Self

15. Quit An Unfulfilling Job… If You Can

*14. Pay Off Your Debts

*13. Find A Physical Activity That You Love

*12. Give Up On A Failing Situationship/ Relationship

*11. Say One Thing That You’ve Always Wanted To Say

*10. Be Unapologetic + Apologize When You Are Wrong

9. Live On Your Own

*8. Go Hiking/ Mountain Climbing

*7. Save 10,000 In Your Savings Account

*6. Visit A New Continent

5. Learn To Change A Tire (rolls eyes… I know… I know)

4. Do One Extreme Sport

*3. Take A Trip With Your Besties

2. Fall In Love With A Man Not A Boy

*1. Fall in Love With Your Self

After looking at this list, I’ve got 9 things left to do on this list! Woohoo! I thought I’d have at least 15 remaining. I try to always live with purpose, therefore even though it seems I may only have 9 things to do… I’ve got 9 months to do them in and to do them well. Besides that I also want to continue on the aspects of the other goals i’ve already achieved (IE: building a relationship with my parents/ falling in love with myself…etc)

What is on your bucket list? Share your ideas with me below (you know.. so I can steal ’em)