32 days left in 2017… are you making plans to do better in 2018 or nah? Like I mentioned a few weeks ago 2018 was going to be all about living our best lives while being financially responsible. But being financially responsible looks different for everyone. For some that might be spending absolutely nothing at all on superfluous purchases. For others it might be decreasing how much they spend, or re-evaluatig their budget.

That is why we have several Millennial In Debt challenges to meet your needs. Our first challenge was a saving 1000+ dollars to use on vacation (or wherever else you may need an extra 1000 dollars saved for). This week we’ve got two challenges for you.

The first of the challenges is pretty simple and is what we would call an easy savings plan. Our vacation savings plan is ranked as “moderate”. Don’t worry we’ve got a “hard” savings plan coming for you and I’ve done it two years in a row… it’s hard… but amazing rewards at the end. The second of the two challenges I’d classify personally as moderate… but for some it may be a little harder than they’d expect. Let me stop my babbling and dive right in.

31 Day Money Saving Challenge

31 Day Money Saving Challenge #1 31 Days Of No Spend Savings 

This challenge isn’t as hard as it may seem. Whenever I do no spend challenges I don’t look at it as a whole. I usually take it week by week. Some weeks are easier/ better than others but with a little bit of focus and will power you’ll get the job done. To sign up for our 31 Days of No spend savings challenge sign up here! You’ll get a guide on what you can/can’t spend on and a digital record keeper to track how much you’ve saved during your 31 days of no spend.

31 Day Money Saving Challenge #2: Save 500+ dollars in 31 Days!

This challenge is one of my faves because it is a quick/simple way to save over 500 bucks in a month without really ever trying. Best part… you start off saving $1.00 dollar and never put more than 31 dollars away at any time. Mentally this makes all the difference for me because I am able to figure out what I’m going to “give up” or do without for that day, without having to give up everything I like/love constantly.

So maybe one day you don’t get that extra coffee, or you take the train instead of taking an Uber. This challenge requires minimal sacrificing on your part and you make the bulk of the exceptions/rules for yourself. Below you’ll have the digital tracker for your self so you can check off what you’ve saved and see your money pile up.


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