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Hi I’m Melissa and I’m socially awkward as FUCK, which is why I’m the perfect person to get you through that ultimately awkward second date. But wait what about the first date? Well two things… first dates are too stressful and give me anxiety so you’re on your own with that one. And second… I was recently told that most first dates go fairly well and aren’t really a good indicator of where a relationship may or may not go? Why? Because everyone (mostly everyone… gotta be careful with superlative pronouns) brings their A game to a first date. You put your best foot forward and try to be interesting and impressive.

By the time the second date rolls around you’ve already spoken about everything that makes you cool. What do you do now? You’re sweating and so exhausted from being so fabulous on the first date, that you have unknowingly EFF’d  up the second date and thus ruined your opportunity of getting a husband (DAMMMMN son … just like that) But thankfully these 5 cool date ideas for that awkward second date will keep your head and relationship status in the game! (and if they don’t sorry… what do I really know anyway!!!)

5 Cool Date Ideas For That Awkward Second Date


1. Barcade: Barcades are new and super trendy (at least in New York) because they combine drinking, eating, and playing games. I don’t know about you but those are definitely in my top 5 favorite things to do. Barcades are also great for a second date because you’ve already got a basis of conversation (or you kind of should) and wherever there’s some awkward silence you can play a game or drink which always causes colorful conversation!

2. Smorgasburg: New York is crawling with them at this point, but they are also taking off in other areas across the country. Smorgasburg… EATING EATING EATING! It’s also not super pricey so if the dude covered the first date’s bill, you can appear to be a forward thinker and blow some cash on him this date without breaking the bank. If you don’t completely blow it, by paying for his eats you’ve probably at least scored a third date.

3. Standup Comedy Show: This again is usually a price steal (thinking about the prices in New York) and you can head to a comedy club, get some awkward laughs in at weird sex jokes, and a drink or two. Comedy clubs are better date options than going to see a movie which will totally leave  you in a state of awkward silence. The comedy club leaves a little room for chatting, but serves as a great way to have an “awkward silence” be less awkward. Fake like you’re watching/really into the comedian and the silence doesn’t seem as bothersome.

4. Rock Climbing: I’m in support of most if not all athletic dates (nothing to do with swimming… because I’ll drown). The issue with athletic dates is they can sometimes get too competitive, or embarrassing. If you’re really lucky (sarcasm) a little of both will happen. But the key to a good athletic date is to pick something you’re good at and if your’e date isn’t, you can be the teacher. That’s why I picked rock climbing. I’m not going to take a date on an early morning jog (which is really my favorite athletic thing to do), but because my legs are strong enough to carry me up a mountain, and my arms are just weak enough to do barely 3 push ups, its the perfect mix of master and student ratio to be cute and show out, without being aggressively cocky.

5. Live Game: I love watching sports live (not so much on TV) and watching a game live also leaves the same room for error while watching a comedy show. You can talk or not talk without it being weird or forced. Going on Groupon or other sites similar will keep the price down since it’s only a second date and you want to stay away from spending hundreds of dollars. If you’re not big on sports and can’t stand to watch a game he likes (it’s really not that bad) hitting up a rooftop bar/lounge for brunch is always a great alternative. Brunch is a great alternative to anything!

So there you have it awkward dater… I hope this list has been of some assistance and you get to that all time glamorous 3rd date… where you both have to figure out “what are we doing here”… YIKES awkward! 

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